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Who Called Me From 877-970-1010?


union info center


This is a telemarketer selling advertising to professionals under the guise of offering "union" clientele. No actual clients - just a sales pitch...Very misleading!
Thanks, the voicemail I received was from a Lamont Fareby (Sp?). The phone call came in from 720-330-3964, but I was asked to call him back at 877-970-1010, ext 747. He was calling as a Union Liaison wanting to connect me with clientele.
4 years ago


Received a call from Vivian Pressman stating she is a Union Liaison for the State of CA looking for quality massage therapists for refer out to and if I was taking new clients. The call back number she left was the 877 #, but caller id lists it as 702-330-4958 I searched the # and found this website - http://www.pandahi.com/1019752306.html - which states it is a sales pitch to advertise.


A Mr. Boutwell called from (702) 330-4605 wanting to connect me with clients. He wanted me to call him back at (877) 970-1010. Sounded kind of weird.


says the want a "very good" mental health provider. Anyone legit doens't say they are looking for someone very good.


1 (702) 330-4605 Is a trap don't return the call
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