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Email to confirm an online loan

GCS is a teleservices company which calls primarily on behalf of local cable TV companies.

We are not a collections company.

We are located in Pueblo, Colorado and you can reach us at 877-316-1408 during regular business hours or leave a message and we will respond as soon as possible.

You can also visit our website at http://www.gcscalled.us for more information.

Washington State University MBA program... Contacting for more information.

National Recovery Agency

They have called several times over the past week, just hanging up when I answer and never leaving a message. Obviously a poorly run robo-pest.

I was out of town last week and between 2:21PM, on
7 December, 2012 and 5:13PM on 13 December, 2012, they called my home on eight (8) seperate occasions. As I was out of town, I did not answer.

On six (6) of the eight (8) calls, they allowed the answering machine to beep before hanging up WITHOUT leaving any type of message. Just repeated calls!

Today, 14 December, 2012 I tried on multiple times to contact the Company to inquire who they were and what they wanted. All that I was able to get was a recorded message (#4905) from the operator saying that my call could not go through as dialed.

I have no idea of who or what they are other than aggravating, but I do know that I am on the State AND Federal "do not call list" and I do business through 1 bank, 1 Credit Union and 1 Credit Card. None of these business's know of this entity and have NOT tried to contact me on the tel. number 877-870-8090.

They have called before , while I was home, and after stating "hello" in increasing volume for a fourth (4th) time, without an answer, I state "good bye" and hang up.

My local telephone Company/Operator seem unable to assist me in contacting them, instead telling me to put the number on "block".

The problem is that this sort thing (harrassment) happened before and I already have the alloted 10 numbers blocked from my telephone. I do beluieve that if this continues, I am going to write the FTC and complaine. Maybe THEY can make a call go through or at least identify itself and STOP CALLING ME!!!!

If anyone else gets/has this problem with this number, please join me in my letter to Washington, DC. Their Lobbiests are much louder than 1 person, but "Officials" don't like things of this sort either and have posted laws with many loop-holews, but also some quite severe fines and other punishments.

Directv saying my bill is overdue.

I have received a call from this number a few times and did not answer and they left no message. Does anyone know who this number is?
News Update:

If you get a scam call from any number using Aldephia Communication, Telcove or Level 3 as the carrier, call this number: 877-453-8353, prompt 3

877-812-1162 - Medical Recovery Services (MRS):
A "Debt Collection Agency" used by doctors and hospitals, known for "deceptive business practices", "like calling you and insisting payment..."
When they call, or you call them back they will answer the phone as or describe themselves as a "business office" (which is just a switch board).
They will keep insisting that you give them your name, phone number, DOB, and credit card info to take care of a bill. They will refuse or avoid telling you who they are unless you first provide them with your personal information.

When called a voice recording will answer and state "thank you for calling our office. All of our employees are assisting patients at this time." or "our representatives are 'helping' 'patients'." They call their collection accounts "Patients"!!! not helping others or helping other clients...

The calling phone collectors are - rude when questioned about who they are!

This company offering bahama cruises at a great rate is either a complete scam or the single worst run company known. When i attempted to ask any questions i was first hung up on. After calling back and questioning this i was cussed at. I'm sure you may wonder if i brought this on by my own language. I in no way spoke rudely to these people. Well until after they opened that box, then i let it fly. What kind of business would operate in this way?

this weird call came from a Johnathan Wiker law offices.
but his message was so serious sounding and had no usefull info in the lessage which makes me think he is a bill collector.

The number is listed on <http://www.thomascarpetjanitorial.com/> and appears to be automated as I have been getting called regularly. I have not been around when the calls came in, so I never had an opportunity to answer the call.


I had the same dead air call today. I did not wait for anyone to answer. Toll free numbers are not usually good calls...

This number has been calling me for two weeks now. Each time I answer there is dead air.
I found out if you wait on the line long enough you will be connected with a live person!!! He asked for somone but it wasn't my name and I could hardly understand him. I then asked this non-English-speaking gentleman as kindly as I could if he would please remove my number from his list. He said "sure" and then said "ok" and hung up. I hope he does!!! If not, I will rever to some good old fashioned Jim Florentine action on them.

This telephone line is calling my daughter that is university student styuding in Florida ,saying that we owe some Debt and she needs to give them their parents credit card number to do the payments as backup due to in case the cheque is not sufficent to cover the payments.
This telephone is calling at our home and my daughters mobile phone .When we try to contact them ,the telephone line keeps rining and then gets cut of.

Salvation Army wanting donations

Pretty sure this is a debt collector. Called me looking for a former employee. Wouldn't leave a message - just name and number.

NC Health Smart

calls everyday several times a day, no one there when we answer. calls from 8 am until 9 pm everyday.

These people keep calling me asking for my daughter. The annoying message keeps repeating, "If you are not _____ , please hang up. Do not continue to listen to this message as the info is private." They repeat the message several times before finally giving their name and phone number. The only way you can get them to answer the initial call is to answer as the person they are looking for. Then when I get a live person, they tell me to give their information to my daughter so they can update their records. I have given the info to her. If she chooses to call them, that's her decision. I have asked them repeatedly to take my number off their calling list, but they've continued to call me for about two years! So, I've reported them to the Federal Trade Commission (877-382-4357) per the ‘Do Not Call List.’ I called them and got the information I sought: Revenue Group 3700 Park East Attn: Linda Clark Cleveland, Ohio 44122 If you need to send them a letter, that’s the address. God bless!

KEEPS CALLING ME, SOME KIND OF SCAM. Once I pressed 2 like it said to do if I was not the Abraham so and so the recording was asking for but then dead silence is all I ever got.

Yes BIZARRE call. Person left a message & identified himself as Marcus Sanchez??? Threatening call it was & said if I didnt return the call he'd see me sooner then later!! SOUNDED LIKE A BIG JERK to me.

I only answer calls when I know the identity of the caller. Whoever this is leaves no message.

Not sure if they were after ID theft or some type of scam. They wanted owner info... Told them don't kneed anything and hung up. Careful with this one seems to be something bad with the person on the other end... don't know who they are maybe someone could check on them.

It's Verizon

This number belongs to International Services, Inc. (aka International Profit Associates). It is the parent company of SMS, GPS, ABS, Global Resources, CBS, VAS, STA.

SCAM ALERT: Received invoice for yellow page advertising from YAPB, 222 South Main Street, Suite 500, Salt Lake City, UT 84101 Telephone 877-208-8426 Fax 877-208-8427. We never contracted for advertising with them. I looked up the address on the internet and it seems that the address actually belongs to a different company.

This company calls me everyday, never leaves a message
Alpine Dee:

Got a fax from Bahama Cruise Deals and I have already requested from their website www.thefaxremovalservice.com 3 times already and the faxes keep coming. I am going to call them like I am interested in their stupid deal and give the rep a piece of my mind.

I keep getting calls and this number left to call with a file number. THIS IS A BIG SCAM. BEWARE.

I keep getting calls and when I answer no one says anything, it seems someone is there because it taks a minute or more for the call to drop out if I don't hank up. ????

This was an automated call that told me that I would not be able to use my credit/debit card. I called back but was informed it was some type of marketing company - My e-platinum. When I pressed #1 as instructed, I was informed that the mailbox was full. When I pressed 0, I was asked to leave my name & number and someone would call me back...they called me first. I called back because of the message.

This person has tried twice to contact my wife; when I asked for further information he became hostile. He would not properly identify himself nor would he say which company he represented; I am filing a report with the local sheriff department. He identified himself as "John Graziono" an individual who has been in the news suspected in a homicide. If it wasnt so bizzare I would laugh.

This is a company that puts together media packages and advertising for businesses.

Westwood Mediation