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Who Called Me From 881921616048?


I receive a call from this number this morning,
so did I - I'm in Barbados- it just rang and ended.
4 years ago


I did this morning, I live in Barbados. It rang and just stopped.


thought it was only me, saw this missed called on my digicel phone yesterday....probably some sort of spamming.


I got the call as well, decided to put the number in google lol and now i am seeing this
I live in Barbados and the same thing happened to me. It rang once and stopped, I googled the number and now this...
4 years ago


I got a missed call from this number but I won't be calling back..most likely it will costs. Be money off my phone..so beware
I just got two missed calls from this number and decided to google it ..Im in Barbados as well with a digicel phone
4 years ago


Seem digicel is selling our Info, n there just keep calling 5 times in one day


Same thing here. In Barbados with a digicel phone. I received my missed calls after 3 this morning and then after 8am.


same thing here...i'm in Barbados with a Digicel phone also and this number has been calling my phone for 2 days now...it just rings twice and stops


Crazy. Got two calls yesterday and one at 12:48 this morning. Barbados. Digicel.
I think they'll be getting a call from me if this goes on any longer.


i also got calls from this number i recall the number and it cleared all the money off my phone do not reply to this number it will take your credit seems to be some sort of scam i have a dig cell phone also i reported it to them


My husband also has several missed calls from this number in the last two days. Also in Barbados with Digicel phone.


I also received calls from this number at 12:06 am and 12:07 am both calls rang twice and ended. I am in Barbados with a Digicel phone.


In the UK with a Barbados Digicel phone that I am not using but noticed two missed calls from this number today. I tried calling it back but it does not appear to be a working number

r love

I got a miss call from this same number yesterday not cubicle phone at 5:57 pm and the next day at 12:09 am my phone rang from the same number I answered but that just hang up


On my digicel phone
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