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Who Called Me From 887-247-2983?


whos knows its a male or female caller reading a script or paper, one says its a file and a number the male has an accent (LOL) and refers to a claim and claim number that god bless me and its my last time theyre calling next time i will meet in person....REALLY ive been waiting for three years!! I have my camera and witness here so I know who they are and what IF I OWE and whom..... they never stop calling nor do they say whom they represent but threaten harrass and then after that they give several different numbers to offices to take care of "this matter" or else. scary they are or are they a scammer or collections whatever until they send a paper bill and identify themselves after being scammed three yrs ago---by some ass in UK thru a bank card I will never trust an unknown source again.
these are the numbers they use 505-221-6004 or 505-633-7973 or 877-845-5988 or 877-926-1194 or the above


same as previous comment----of UK or India accent male caller reading again with a threat or claim number....will meet me in person but if I call then its not the last chance I can still take care of the matter.
and god bless me he pray for me
never say who never say what company or what bill if any
or if its a real or scam...
this number is also caller id from 505-221-6004 and 505-633-7973 and 877-845-5988 and 877-926-1194
they willnever stop calling and the recording says if its not so and so hangup and call them? and if you do listen to message for the return call number they say YOU ARE ADMITTING TO THE BILL or claim they have against you by staying on the line!

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