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Who Called Me From 888-209-4141?


this number looks like fraudulent. i had two charges from EZFAXONLINE.com and i never did any business with them.
2 years ago


I did not get a ca;; from them, but rather their phone number was listed on my bank statement for a company called "Superior Sales 1 LLC". I did not recognize the company or the sales amount so I called the number and got "Billing support". The operator would not give me the name of the company when I asked, only saying that they were "billing support". I told them why I was calling and after telling them my name and the amount of the charge, they told me it was for some online subscription. I told them that I did not subscribe to anything and since this was my business account I knew I did not. He said he would contact the company and cancel whatever it was a subscription for and refund the money. I'm getting a new debit card in the morning.
This number appeared with a $19.77 charge on our Visa card also with Superior Sales 1 LLC listed. We did NOT purchase anything from this business. Called the bank and canceled the credit card. Also called 888-209-4141 to ask that the charge be removed but have little hope of that happening. Be warned this is not a legitimate business.
2 years ago
This number also showed up on my Visa card with $19.77 with Superior Sales 1 LLC. Visa is suppose to be checking it out. also canceled my Visa card.
2 years ago


I also had charges on my credit card from this number. But, the business name was EZFAXONLINE 888-209-4141 OH USA. When I searched for earlier transactions, I found a number of similar transactions for $19.77 or $19.86, not necessarily from the same company. Be sure to check your old transactions!
The charges started showing up following a trip to England and France. Maybe that's connected?


PYT * EZFAXONLINE 888-209-4141 OH for $19.77 and Superior Sales 1 LLC $19.77 OH, both on Visa card. One from last month (Oct 2016) and one this month. Cancelled card.


I also have had multiple charges of $19.77 from both of the names listed above EZFAXONLINE and superior sales LLC. cancelling card as we speak for up to 4 charges from them in which I did NOT buy anything from them and do not live in OH. Also called and only received voice mail, will try again.


Like all of you, I had a $19.77 charge in October, and then again this month. I tried calling the number listed on the statement several times and only got an answering machine for "billing department." I just got off the phone with the bank and I've canceled my card and submitted a claim against those two charges. I have no idea how they got my card.
Oh -- and it was EZFAXONLINE that showed up on my statement as well.
2 years ago


I am also being charged multiple times monthly for $19.77. I have to keep disputing this with my credit card! Shows up as PYT EZFAXONLINE (OH) Total BS. All this and with the new 'chip' in their card. Someone is scamming!
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