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Who Called Me From 888-283-5495?

D G Howell

My computer locked up and I a message appeared to call microsoft at 1-888-283-5495 virussecurityalert.us I suspect this is at the least a antivirus company fishing for business and at worse an out trying to break into peoples computers.
I recommend caution.

m lavena:
So right. Screen locked
6 years ago
The exact same thing happened to me, I just Contacted the FBI and reported the number so they are tracking it. when an indian person with a dot on their head calls just hang up the phone. They said they were from Norton, they might also use your first name to be more friendly, don't answer hang up.
6 years ago


Received message on my computer that my email account has been suspended due to suspious activity. Request I call microsoft at 888-283-5495. Called the caller was clearly from India (?). Request I push control R to remove message and proceed to request I go to another website. I decided that it was probably not a good idea to this site. He wanted be to go there to get information from my computer. WARNING... don't go there


same happened to me as anonymous

pissed off

Hope he chokes on his tandoori chicken


same happened to me, and Safari is locked. I can't unlock this problem, anyone knows how to?
So... How do you get this message to stop locking up the computer?
6 years ago


my computer is crazy i cannt access to anything


This phone number is associated with malware. I had Dell Pro Support help me remove the infection. You may need to clear all add-ons to all browsers, reset each browser, remove any suspicious cookies, and use programs such C Clear, software from malwarebytes.org, and other techniques to remove all parts. This is an extortion scam. Report it to the FBI.

PC User

We are getting popups that say adsell then says our computer may be infected with a virus and directs us to call that number to have free help in removing.


Same problem here. Looking for solution.


i was a complete idiot and let him in my computer but they my husband came in and told me it was a scam and turned off my computer.. there seems to be nothing wrong with it .. should i be worried??
I did that too. Changing all my passwords just to be safe
6 years ago

Apple user

The same thing happened to me when I was looking up Dr Wayne Dyers death notice today. There was a pop up that said I had to download java which I ignored and when I tried to close the pop up (x) then came another pop up saying that I had a malware/adware virus and to call this number. Spoke with an Indian accented male who wanted to access my computer. At this point I hung up as he did not identify himself properly. Have run a security scan on my computer and it seems clear of viruses.
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