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Who Called Me From 888-295-3814?


someone is calling me from this number pretending they are from a law firm, serving me with papers for "fraud". If anyone should be served papers for fraud it should be THEM!!!!!!!!!!! SCAMMERS!


calling my cell phone with some case number stating this is the final call. I got three voicemail messages.


Called and said they were a debt collector-left a message to press different numbers- Nothing happened when called back!


Someone called from this nubmer.I heard the voicemail, but they hang up.Don't know what they want.


I get these calls or callers also its like a recording or someone saying they have papers for me. that is ridiculous and is against the law to harass and threaten. If it is a collector they need to send a bill or id themselves BYE


It's a game they play. They threaten me with litigation that never happens, 'sending out field agents' to work, friends, anyone they claim to know knows me, whatever. Now using two phone numbers, one to claim to be a private courier service relaying fake info. I believe the scam is to get me to give up a credit card number. I already am a victim of ID theft, so I am collecting their info to pass it on to the FTC and FBI. Later will call the so called person handling the fake case telling him what I did and do not call again or more trouble for you. The number is an agency that buys junk debts already charged off for next to nothing then harrasses to get the full amount, tidy profit. But my credit is now frozen by me. I discovered someone opening accounts running up a bill then does not pay it. And the IRS is aware of it also. I even got the address given out by the persons who did it using my info at an address in Ga.


Someone keeps calling from this number. Somehow they got my mother's phone number who I live with. And its only been a couple of months since I have lived here with her. I never gave out her number to anyone. Cause its a house phone not a cell phone. Then when I try to call them back, the person just hangs up on me. Its automated and it just says my name on the recording!


this number hasa been calling my house with a case number but i have not responded But they call my sister phone number an i dont know how they got her number because it is a private number I clled the number an the name of the company is pr associates never heard of then before I know it some kind of scam.


Said they would serve me a summons. I don't have a pay day loan.
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