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Who Called Me From 888-397-7444?


Indian guy called from a “private number” and said my PC was infected with a botnik and that he was with Windows security. Wanted me to turn on my PC and he would walk me through the steps to remove it. I asked him how he got my number, and he said I provided it when I registered my Microsoft product. Kept asking if my PC was on and insisted we needed to remove it right away or I would lose my files. I told him that I didn't have my PC on but I would call him back when I did and I asked for his number. This is what he gave me: 888-397-7444. Then these idiots just called back 10 minutes after first call. Now they said they were from the “computer maintenance department”. I told them that I needed to record the call, and then I said, "OK, I'm all set. This call is being recorded. Please tell me the reason for your call." They hung up.
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