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Who Called Me From 888-439-2345?


This is Safeco. I asked for an auto insurance quote online, and then they called me. I did not answer, as I did not want to speak to them; I only wanted the info online.


same here, only wanted to check price on line , they called me the next day. didnt answer. price quote was higher than what I got at wawanessa insurance.
guess i will stay with my current insuracne


Same here. I was shopping around for online quotes and they called me the next day (today). I'm annoyed because they have called three times already! And haven't left a message. Get off my back safeco.


Same thing, literally 5 minutes after I completed the quote they called, and have called 3 more times. If I was interested in the quote I would contact them, was quite a bit more than my current insurance.


Same here! Safeco Insurance...Whats the use in getting a quote online if I had to talk to them! All I wanted was to compare prices with other Insurance! SO ANNOYING!! IF I WANTED TO TALK TO AN AGENT I WOULD CALL YOU, DON'T CALL ME!!!


I started to request a quote from Safeco yesterday, but didn't even finish it. I have had two calls today. I did not answer either, but looked up the number on line and saw all the messages about Safeco. I won't be doing business with them.


same thing....I just wanted to compare prices...I just did it 30 minutes ago and they are calling me and they are not less than Allstate with lower deductibles....geez
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