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Who Called Me From 888-489-3121?


Message popped up on my computer saying it was shut down because of a virus, said message was from Microsoft. Said to call 888-489-3121, I called, woman with foreign sounding accent answered, I asked where she was calling from and she said Microsoft main location in southern California. I hanged up.


A message popped up on my computer stating "Malicious Pornographic Spyware/Riskware detected on your computer call 1-888-489-3121 for help. I called the number and hung up after there was no announcement identifying the company. Minutes later I received a call back from a women with a foreign voice who claimed she was from a certified Microsoft repair company.
I received a call from 1-888-489-3121 claiming that my computer was blocked because it was infected with malware. I was told to call MICROSOFT at !-866-489-3121 for instructions on how to unblock it. I was also directed not to restart my computer, as this would enable the hackers to steal my passwords and bank accounts. I thought this was weird since I have an APPLE computer and it does not use MICROSOFT programming.After reading the previous two complaints I believe this warning was from a phony site.
10 months ago

Mary Leong

I just had the same program with the person who described above. My call was disconnected or hung up while the guys was instructing me how to unblock my computer. He asked me what keys on the left of my keyboard, and I told him, and then the call got cut off. It was weird! Now I am worrying if he actually already went into my computer and stole my account info as I was doing on online banking when the virus alert box/message popped up.


Today when i was working on computer,then one screen came out with voice"this computer was blocked,call 1-888-489-3121",then i called ,and one guy answered the phone and told me how to do,first i follow him direction ,his english is very strange ,later i saw he can get in my computer and ask me to choice some files ,suddenly i think i should not follow him ,i told him i do not do fix my computer now ,then i closed the all pages that shows up ,he said you don't want to fix computer now?i said not now,then he hunged up his phone.
I think someting was not right ,so i go to web side to search the phone number,it is really fake!!

linda borisy

it blocked my computer how do i get my computer unblocked4
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