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Who Called Me From 888-492-7750?


Caller states that I am in default and they will freeze my bank account if I do not call them at his number 8884927750. I can not be in default as I have no debt.


My co-worker was threatened by this people. They claim to be IRS officers. A completly lie


Some loser, barely speaking English, pretending to be IRS auditor told me hundred times repeated text, that I did not pay my taxes, that they will come and arrest me. I told him, that considering his poor English and bad pronunciation he can not work for IRS. He started to threaten me saying that he will send me pizza, showing that he know my address. I told him that he needs to learn English first and pretend to be IRS auditor later.
Same problem wit me. Claimed to be irs. I called him back a hundred times today just to mess with him.
4 years ago


Same as previous
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