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I was called by the so called "Professional Fire Fighters of Georgia" asking for a donation. I said I don't do anything over the phone and said to send me something in the mail. They asked for my address and I told them that if they could find my number which is supposed to be unlisted, they could find my address. They did, and sent me a pledge form. When I tried to call them back I got a recording giving no information. I called my local police and asked if they had a fraud or scam list and was told there are too many of these kinds of calls to spend the time trying to crack down on them, and although it sounded like a scam to him, I would have to do my own investigation. One interesting thing I read on the pledge form, in very tiny print, was a statement that read, "Although the P.F.F.G. is recognized as a non-profit organization by the IRS, because of its particular tax status 501(c)(5), donations are not tax deductible as charitable contributions for federal tax purposes." Since when is a donation to a non-profit organization not tax deductible? This is news to me. Hope this helps all who read it.

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