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Who Called Me From 888-569-2760?


Said they were Facebook 5655753
I received a Facebook alert for an unwanted login, then called this number which was provided at the bottom. When on the phone, they connected to my computer remotely then told me they needed to download and install items onto my computer. Just for safety I said no and closed/deleted the remote access just in case. They were not happy with my decision because it involved my computer's security but I will let my personal IT guys look into it for me. When I let them know that I needed to think about it they rushed me to answer but I wasn't even sure if they were legit or not.

I really really hope they were not scammers that were able to get into my computer and just staff that were genuinely trying to help.

1 year ago
this happened to me this morning --the min they wanted to hook up --I hung up-- I hate this
1 year ago


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