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Who Called Me From 888-730-0908?

blue moon

Received a letter from an unknown company without a return address insisting that I owe 19,000 dollars but they did not say who to ...lol.. and I know I never borrowed or owe that much money to anyone. So, without a return address..or company name..or even who I'm supposed to owe money to... they left 1-888-730-0908 as a number to call. Scam. Pure and simple. Do not call these ppl or they will have your number and haunt you till you change your number.


I received a letter claiming that I owe $19,000 to an unnamed source. It claims that my creditor is willing to negotiate a reduction of the amount to $6,732. The letter did not have a return address and I do not owe anyone that amount. Is an obvious attempt to scam money that people like myself work so hard for to sustain a decent living. Get a job!!
so tired:
h'mmm I just got a letter today stating I have unsecured debt of 19,236 and can have it reduced to $6,732 with the same number...too familiar!
1 year ago


Just received the same letter.
It says we owe Bank of America 19,000
We’ve never had an account with them . Pure scam

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