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Potential scam targeting seniors from the "National Processing Center"
Area residents have reported receiving a mailing from the “National Processing Center” telling them about “Senior Final Expense Information.” It asks recipients to send back a postcard with their signature, age, spouse’s name, and phone number. We believe it is unwise to send this postcard back with your signature and personal information. Please let others know about this potential scam. This is not from a government agency, even though it has the word National in the title and lists a Pennsylvania Avenue Washington DC address. Affairs.
The Texas Attorney General in 2006 filed a lawsuit against a Lewisville, Tx. company called “America's Recommended Mailers Inc.” for deceptive trade practices. The Texas AG alleged that the company sent misleading mailings to elderly persons in Texas and elsewhere. The company used the name “National Processing Center” and the same Washington, D.C. private mailbox that appears on the card. “America's Recommended Mailers” develops obtains personal information from seniors and creates target sales lists for insurance and other financial products. Among the clients of “America's Recommended Mailers” are agents who sell long-term care insurance, Medicare supplement insurance, funeral expense insurance or annuities. They target seniors who have been enticed to respond to the “alarming messages” on the postcards.

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