Who is calling or texting from 888-842-8034?
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Who Called Me From 888-842-8034?


Do NOT call 888 842 8034:

This part of a very well organized and vicious SCAM that gives you " fake warning messages, because they just want to trick you out of you your money, but will do nothing help your current situation", and may lead to even worse.

A Google search for the above phone number, will quickly confirm this. ...

In my case, my Computer's Chrome Browser became instantly completely frozen, with alarming (but entirely false), message saying =>

"A serious malfunction has been detected with Windows 10 and yor Chrome ... call this number [above, because] ... without support of [our] certified technician to avoid corruption of your Windows 10 64-bit operating system."


Scam!! I went as far as letting the person take over my computer,Am I at Risk?
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