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A Jeff Chase called on a personal matter.

slurred voice saying "this is michael addner, threating voice, I need to speak to you about a serious matter." "If I don't hear from you there will be consequences with this situation, my number 888-893-4119 there is a small window of opportunity to resolve this I suggest you call immediately"

They claimed to need to talk to one of us right away, left no name, but implied something very threatening. I'm very certain they are, likely, con and scam artists. They need to be reported to the FTC, and we need to keep many recordings to shut them down.
FTC Complaint: https://www.ftccomplaintassistant.gov/

This number is from someone who calls and ask if you have any online loans that you need to pay off..the problem with them is that they call constantly until you answer....they dont leave a message if they missed you and never answer they phone with the company name or anything...plus the background us really noisy and you can't really hear

I was called from Phone Number 909-708-4140 called me on 11 January 2013 at 11:40 am and left me a message which stated.

"Hello calling from the Office of NRR. Your File has been assigned and is now ready for Review Please Call us today we would like to go over the details with you. We can be reached at 1-888-676-9505 and when calling refer to your file Number 341534 again our number is 1-888-676-9505 please call us today thank you."

This is a Scam and I am not calling this Number from California nor the the 888 Number I am not calling this one back.

Unknown caller leaves no message - very annoying - these calls need to stop!

keep getting calls within minutes and a message saying 'hello disregard page to call 67081, disregard page to call 67081, disregard page to call 67081.

It is Public Service Company of NH.

Who owns 888-777-2704

i get a call everyday. hang up when i answer, no message when i don't answer. if you call the number you will get a recorded "our offices are closed..." message.


Bill Collector !!! This is a pure scam !!! Mr Smith is actually Braham Nakla. Out of Oceanside Ca He claims to be an Lawyer or work for one. THAT IS A LIE. DON'T PAY A CENT.

This man Shane calling me saying that I can get a loan for 3,000 but asking me to send $200 first i didnt...

If you want the calls to stop , find any web site that asks for for your name and phone # , put Jeff as the name and the 888 # that calls you , this works with all the unwanted phone solicitors that call you. The calls will stop.

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This number calls me up to seven times a day, and sometimes starts calling before 8 AM. I have a new cell phone and an unlisted number, but they keep calling. I do not know the person they are looking for.

calls all the time and I have told them that I am not interested.
Tired of the bs:

Just received the call from "Jason Durantz" too with a message (that he left AFTER calling FOUR times...couldn't answer cuz I'm at work)...that he is from the case filing division of __________ group...the company is mumbled. I'm sure it is because he wouldn't want any research done...I'm so tired of these scammers. Last week I got one and from a different number (same scam)...he said that he was going to file fraud charges and I told him that I wanted validation of the debt...he back tracked and said there was no need to get nasty, etc. Kept saying that since you are going to take care of this he wouldn't have to take file it...I told him that I was NOT taking care of anything without validation. Said he would be sending it...said he had done so numerous times (which is a lie) and the there was emails...to which he gave me an email address that was basically my first name.last name @yahoo.com (original right?)...NEVER had that email...such a joke. Now this guy...what can we do to stop this bs?

This is DriveTime collections. They call to collect past due car payments.

offered to help me with my student loans, let's see what happens

Computer asking if I was "confused" to press one. I am in chapter 13 &I no one is supposed to call me so I was scared &I tired of being threatened. Does anyone know who this could be???

The person that called me from this number says his name is Chris Ferrera. THIS IS A SCAM!!!!!

They will tell you they are with Century Link and will ask you to sign a "Letter of Authorization" for them to be able to get you better prices with "them" all the while telling you they are Century Link (or I am sure they use what ever other companies that you all might be with in your area, Century Link happens to be ours).

I contacted Century Link because this fool was VERY pushy, calling every day AND the number he was calling from was NOT a Century Link number.... As I thought he was NOT associated with them and he is trying to scam you to remove you from your current provider and move your account to them!!!

SCAM LIAR CHEAT THIEF... you pick the word you would call them, personally I will elect to call them all the above. Slime balls!! Call me again "Chris" and you won't like what you hear!! Let me find out where you're located too!!!

calls several times a day but never leaves a message
Haven Mass:

Debt collector, collecting zombie debt.
debbie woodruff:

very aggressive debt collector but wont say who they represent. i dont know of any outstanding debts

Company calling and employing scare tactics. They accuse the person of passing bad checks or something related. They claim that charges will be filed and a warrant will be issued ... unless, of course, you pay a certain amount.

This is the second time this scam has been run on me. The first time the call originated from Texas with a man saying he represented a government agency in the state.

I called and reported him to the Texas Attorney General and had a nice talk with a woman who was familiar with this scam. A few years a go I applied for a payday loan online (which I have since paid off). However, through the online process, my information was sent to a number of companies. Many of these companies are scammers. They get access to your information and call you to scare you into paying them. Since your address, SSN and other information was in the payday loan app, they have your correct information.

These people can seem civil and professional. Other times they try to be intimidating or threatening. Either way, they are scamming you and have no power or authority to do anything to you.
R Abbott:

We contracted advertising services with “The Best of Magazine.” SCOTT OSHATZ sold us a beautiful ½ page adfor $1,800.00 and said if we paid in full “The Best of Magazine” would include an additional two months of advertising.

We were ripped off by SCOTT OSHATZ and “The Best of Magazine.” When we contacted some of the locations where the magazine was to be provided, the stores had never even heard of them or even seen the magazine. We tried to find a copy of “The Best of Magazine” in any of the locations Mr. Oshatz said they would be in, but no one has ever seen one. The only Magazines they print are for the advertisers which are in the magazine to distribute. To date, and I am now four months into the program I have not received one call from my advertising. I have called other advertisers and they tell me a similar story! The only Magazine they’ve seen are the ones “The Best of Magazine” has sent to them!

I have called SCOTT OSHATZ and “The Best of Magazine” many times for an explanation, but just give me excuses and now they no longer return my calls.

THESE GUYS ARE SCAM ARTISTS, CROOKS AND CON MEN. BEWARE: These are some very dishonest people! RUN; don’t walk away from these con men. “The Best of Magazine” and SCOTT OSHATZ are just a bunch of rip-offs. They are not interested in promoting your business, they are just interested in taking your money! Stay away from these thieves, far, far away!

I was scammed out of 4000. They called and it sounded just like my grandson he said he had been picked up and was in jail and needed bail money I then talked to a man John Thomas he said that I needed to send the money Western Union I did like a fool and I was scammed Please be careful they said my grandson was locked up in Peru

Collectors Universe - PCGS - PSA - PSA/DNA

This is a fraud scam. They keep calling asking for "Shaniqua Hamilton" (someone I don't know and had never heard of), threaten to serve papers at my address. They are trying to get me to give out info. I have called my phone carrier about harassment and filed an affidavit with the FTC. Do NOT call them back. They get more aggressive. They also call using "private" or "blocked" numbers. DON'T GIVE ANY!!! INFO...THAT'S WHAT THEY ARE LOOKING FOR, TO SCAM YOUR ID

this is a number for First Financial Bank, a legitimate bank.

Answering device state that the number reached is not in service; device responds to key presses.

I called the number back. It was answered by an actual person with an Indian accent, saying: "Thank you for calling Netgear support, may name is ...., may I have your case number." Since I did not call them before for support, I waited a while and then just hung up.
Everybody who receives unwanted solicitor calls should call them back, wait for a response, wait for a while and then hang up. This way, it will congest their phone lines and tie up their agents with unproductive work loads. If they are getting enough of such call backs, maybe they will stop their annoying practice!
Pissed off:

Gentleman left repeated voicemails, stating he needed to serve papers to me from his firm - regarding charges against me. No details. No name. Nothing, just a very direct threat. Total garbage.

This is an unlicsened debt collection agency. Do nor repsond to there calls. Contact your states Attorney General. This is a scam...formerly known as IMR

Called me a couple times now... Left a voice mail that sounded like background noise in a store. 6 seconds of background sounds. Google says flower store in Cooperstown NY. I see "me" had basically the same experience. So I am going to chalk this up to some kind of scam or a hacked caller id thing. Adding it to my Google voice call blocker.