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This Number is calling from Jacksonville, Florida

Who Called Me From 904-469-7029?


They saw my add for furniture on Craigslist and attempted to send me a fraudulent check. Smh this is a mess.They claim their name was Max and couldn't call.


Posted an ad on craigslist for a bass guitar, this number (who called himself Max, and spoke in oddly broken english) attempted to also trick me into shipping him my item, and after reading some other posts on here, assuming he was also trying to send me a fraudulent check. Steer clear people, you can tell somethings wrong right off the bat.


how funny - I just got a text from this number and since it's not my area code, i thought I'd google it. Yep - it's Max


Yep---Max is a Craigslist scammer!

Tony Guerrero

Yes it seems this max trolls craigslist do not bother with him


haha "max" you seem to be attacking craigslist with no shame. Just contacted me on a post from this morning. Immediate red flag went up. need a more solid story there max.


Yeah he just this minute hit me up for my craigslist AD, wonder how he felt when I responded "sorry Max not today"


It must be my turn! Good ole Max contacted me after I posted an ad on craigslist. He offered me $30 more than my sell price pay all the shipping once his fake money ordered cleared! What a loser!


yes, I too was almost a Max victom but since I have a very wise daughter she informed me to steer clear she said it sounds like a scam, and it was


"Max" now goes by John and uses Google Voice


this person also goes by james


I got a James as well. Seemed off to me so I looked up the number. good to know I made the right choice.


Just got a text from 909-469-7029, calls himself James and would kindly like me to get to him. Thanks for the heads up.


wow i to just got a text from james wanting my item from CREGSLIST. 904-469-7029 go fu@# your self dic# wod


same here, but the name was sandra
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