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Who Called Me From 904-661-0267?


just checking out


craigs list buyer with this phone nmber


Scam Craigslist buyer wanting to send a cashier check once you send your personal information.
Here's what they do:

Email #1: Do you still have it for sale? please let me know thanks.

Email #2: Can i send you a cashier check for the sale and once the check clears will set-up pickup. Text me your mailing information and your full name so the check can be mailed tomorrow. If it's okay, please give me a text (904)6610267..thanks

1 year ago
i am in the processing of doing this. how is it a scam? what can they get out of it.
10 months ago


Same here. Craigslist scammer.

Lynn B

Same here. Craigslist scammer. Actually sent me a cashier's check for over $1,800.00 for a $250.00 piece of furniture. Said it was to pay the movers that I was supposed to wire the money back to. It has now happened to me twice with the same piece of furniture!!
and then what happened
10 months ago


Said their name Is Thomas Daniel and is going to send a cashier's check. I've head this story so often I already knew where he was going with it. It is a scam, clearly. I say that i only accept cash whenever I get these type of messages.


Same exactly as JC above...exact same berate in the text.
Supposed to be *Exact same verbiage*
10 months ago
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