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This Number is a land line number calling from Hamilton

Who Called Me From 905-667-5602?

Linda M

«i got this call from that number and guy strted he was phoning from a duct cleaning company. Told him l wasn`t interested and hung up. he kept calling back becoming more agitated all the time. l was getting annoyed told him he was a bastard and hung up. That must have triggered something because he called back and left a message and cursed and swore so bad l won`t even type the words. After about either calls my husband came home and he called the police. «l got the number after l did a start 69 but only got the phone number and the internet will not help in getting a name or address other than it is in the «hamilton« ontario area. The police said they could not give us the name unless we came in and filed a complaint. Sometimes it`s just not worth the hassle as l don`t think they would do much. From now on l think all calls will go to the machine and that way l can pick and chose what l want to respond to.


Register your number in do not call list from CRTC and u should not get duch calks
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