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This Number is a land line number calling from Hamilton

Who Called Me From 905-769-1185?


here I go again, these awkward calls.....no one at the end or a lady talking a foreign language. When I called back, here I was again: a recorded message asking to switch to Bosnian language. Can the phone companies do anything about this? It's pure harassment and those people should be arrested. I keep receiving these calls any time of the day and previously it was from another number..............
This person has been calling my number the last few years again and again. Apparently some Serbian b***h trying to steal your identity. Number should be reported. They keep on hanging up.
3 years ago


received call from this number ... sounded like woman was speaking Italian...she actually said wrong number and hung up
nno she is Serbian trying to sell long distance phone packages
4 years ago


It's probably a telemarketing pre-scam where they see who answers before you get a marketing call later. Not worth the effort.


how can see who called my from nummber 905 769 1185


Serbian telemarketing losers. I've been called over 90 times in the last 2 years. A curse upon them, absolute scum. Wont take you off the list and usually hang up when you answer. When you see this number on call display, pick up and immediatley yell..ODJEBI!!!
Actually that's Bosnian person calling you from this number so curse upon you and ODJEBI!!!!
3 years ago
How cah they be Serbian ,they are talking in Bosnian ?????
3 years ago


Quite harassing innocent people and stop calling them trying to sell them long distance phone packages. Jebi se


No one nationality is spared,our phone is unlisted but they know the last name, yes- being harrased for more than 2 years!!!!
Koji ste vi licemeri sve svaljujete na Srbe ,verovatno cete i armagedon pripisati Srbima ,odlicno upotrebljena rec ODJEBITE svi koji imate nesto protiv Srba.
3 years ago
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