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This Number is calling from Wilmington, North Carolina

Who Called Me From 910-805-0177?


Starts with a card or letter in the mail stating they haven't been able to reach you by phone and they have a Parcel for you that they can 'only hold for a limited time' After researching online I found this to be a telemarketer who doesn't have a number listing for you until you call them which circumnavigates the "do not call" list since you called them first. This is all about water testing to sell you a water softener system. Usually receive the card after buying or refinancing a home. THROW AWAY OR BURN/SHRED letter and block number.
Laurie Meadows:
This is still going on and I am so glad you posted this! I recently hooked up to public water and received the postcard like you did. Throwing it in the trash!
3 years ago
I just got one of these in the mail today. Thank you for posting and I will do the suggested throw away.
1 year ago
got one in the mail today, thank you for your post!
1 month ago


Incredible that this is still going on... It must be lucritive. Maybe I should get into the water testing business! LOL.

I called shananangans right away... my BS Meter pegged at the return address: "Market Research Corp". So, I did Google search to find your posts and that the return address was for available for lease... really? Still? After at least 6 years. They have clearly been established by the date on your post but they're operating out of a office for lease. Riiiight.


Still happening... Just received a post card today... wow!
Thanks I'll just trash the car
2 weeks ago


Just got one too. Thank you for doing the leg work!
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