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This Number is calling from Wilmington, North Carolina

Who Called Me From 910-805-0177?


Starts with a card or letter in the mail stating they haven't been able to reach you by phone and they have a Parcel for you that they can 'only hold for a limited time' After researching online I found this to be a telemarketer who doesn't have a number listing for you until you call them which circumnavigates the "do not call" list since you called them first. This is all about water testing to sell you a water softener system. Usually receive the card after buying or refinancing a home. THROW AWAY OR BURN/SHRED letter and block number.
Laurie Meadows:
This is still going on and I am so glad you posted this! I recently hooked up to public water and received the postcard like you did. Throwing it in the trash!
4 years ago
I just got one of these in the mail today. Thank you for posting and I will do the suggested throw away.
2 years ago
got one in the mail today, thank you for your post!
1 year ago


Incredible that this is still going on... It must be lucritive. Maybe I should get into the water testing business! LOL.

I called shananangans right away... my BS Meter pegged at the return address: "Market Research Corp". So, I did Google search to find your posts and that the return address was for available for lease... really? Still? After at least 6 years. They have clearly been established by the date on your post but they're operating out of a office for lease. Riiiight.


Still happening... Just received a post card today... wow!
Thanks I'll just trash the car
1 year ago


Just got one too. Thank you for doing the leg work!


Received card in mail today. Thanks for the heads up


The name on this card is for Ms. Burke saying they are trying to reach you for your free gift.
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