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This Number is calling from White Plains, New York

Who Called Me From 914-294-4088?


Did not answer the call...caller ID said anonymous. Called back the number and got and answering machine that said this was the March of Dimes.
These people call us at the least FOUR times a day - sometimes back to back calls!
4 years ago


Caller ID shows "MOD"
Either someone who has a grudge against the REAL March of Dimes, or a phishing group trying to collect info from callbacks. Noone ever apparently gets a live person, either way, so it's obviously some fraud. Ignore it, block it, do NOT call back and hit any keys. All evidence would indicate these calls are NOT from the March of Dimes, but sadly, many are tricked into holding the actual Charity responsible; some write that "healthy babies" is the caller ID - is there some super-fundamentalist anti-birth control group out there trying to undermine this Charity? THAT would be my first suspicion, as scammers will at least talk to you if you pick up the phone. This does not behave like a typical phishing scam in that regard.


They call like clockwork every 4 days and never leave a message.
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