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This Number is a land line number calling from New York, New York

Who Called Me From 917-477-5459?

Malakia M. Sullivan

My name is Kia Sullivan.
I, apologize that, I missed you're call earlier today. I was pretty busy , but any way . I had gotten a call from a indian man stating that . I'm a victim of identfiy theft , soical security number or something like that. I don't know what the heck is going on right now . What ever it is please stop with the harssmant.


Indian guy "Johny Hua", fake accent, acting like a immigration agent claiming he has a warrant against my name. I need to wire him fines and penalties otherwise he'll send cops to my address. LOL.


same here. "Officer Andy Miller", fake agent (cant even read it what is prob written on his paper), acting as immigration agent doing ongoing criminal investigation and has arrest warrant on my name. I need to call him before he sends cops on my address. LOL.


Caller called to Montreal. Has a warrant for my arrest. Finishes with God Bless. Heavy Indian Or a P***.
Left a message on my answering machine. I ignored to call him back.


Same thing here guy called strong Indian accent claiming he was Canada immigration and customs dept and that he had to proceed with legal action because he did not hear from and transfer an arrest warrant to my closes sheriffs dept.aksed me to call back with any questions and ended off with god bless as well. I did not call back
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