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This Number is a wireless number calling from Sallisaw, Oklahoma

Who Called Me From 918-208-0068?


they called telling me they got my insurance info from another agency.they wanted to know if i parked my car in the garage or not and asked about my email.i did not put my email on my any thing.


its a repo company, I think

Not Ryan

Said they are from LCM. Asked them what that stood for they said " low cloud mine". They called me this morning and asked for Ryan and I told them wrong number, they called back 12 hours later and knew my name and wanted me to confirm my identity. BEWARE! I truly believe they are identity thieves even though they claim they are selling insurance
they called me today asking about my insurance coverage . its a scam .
6 years ago


Called me asked if i was in Minnesota, Or Oklahoma. Asked for my information. Identity theives


They've been calling me 3-4 (sometimes more) times a day for almost 2 weeks. I haven't answered the call because I don't answer numbers I don't know


This number called me twice within a few hours of one another. When I called back the person who answered immediately asked if this was Amy calling. Stated she was from LCN about my auto insurance and my info being given to them from my current compsny. I hung up after that.


Keeps calling but doesn't leave a message


Just got a call from this number. Caller I.D. had LCN. Asked for my step-son by first name only. When asked who they were they hung up. Definitely suspicious.
Just researched and it's from a telecommunications company. Apparently my step-son had an old cell phone which he still owes some money on. They're out of Sallisaw, OK.
7 years ago


they just want your information dont give them anything


This is a company that does research and tries to find you the cheapest car insurance. While I personally do not remember filling out for anything like this. Usually they say that they got your information from the internet or some other company and still want to try to save you money.


Calls 3-5 times a day about 20 minutes apart. Never leaves a message. I don't answer calls from #s I don't know.

donica bowen

Called me,the number looks Familiar But don't know for sure..


Whoever it is STOP CALLING ME


They've called me so many times and they never leave a voicemail. I answered once and they asked for my mom by first name so I said no and they hung up but they are still calling.
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