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This Number is a land line number calling from Tulsa, Oklahoma

Who Called Me From 918-384-0694?


have asked them to stop calling.. they said they don't have to


a service selling "on hold" messages


I received a call from this number (Caller ID said "MillionDOllar"). They said "HI We're a service that specializes in "on hold" messages with music and" (they talked like this for several more seconds without stopping for breath). I finally said, "Thank-you, but we have a team that takes care of our phones for us. But thank-you so much for calling!" (they called the front desk receptionist phone, which received a high volume of calls, and I do not have time to listen to 5 minute sales pitches). I then hung up.
I got a call from the number again less than 1 minute later, and I ignored it. Within less than ANOTHER minute, I got a call from a "restricted" number (they're obviously trying to hide from callerID). I answered and stated my company name etc and there was silence. Then she said sarcastically, "UM HI. It's your FRIEEEENDLYYYY Million Dollar PHONE HOLD SERVICE!" and I said, "Okay then. Can I help you?" and there was an eruption of laughter of several people in the background. Then she screams "APPARENTLY NOOOOOOOT!" and slammed the phoned so hard it sounded like a gun shot.
I'm sorry, but I am a businessperson. I would assume they are, as well. I do not have the time to put up with prank calls from malicious, immature salespeople, especially calling multiple times on a line that is usually preoccupied with customers of mine.
Anyone else know how to get to their management? I would SO love to spend time (outside of work hours, on my own phone) giving a manager an earful.


Million Dollar ...on the caller ID no mesg left......scammers
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