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This Number is a land line number calling from Newport Beach, California

Who Called Me From 949-478-6814?


Called and said they were Google and making changes to their website so if we wanted our business to still be listed with them then I would need to call them back.
I had the same message. Sounds like a scam.
4 years ago


Our I.T. said it is a scam. We got the same automated call.


Just received a call from the same number. I called Google and they said this number does not belong to them.


Same thing "changes to google"


Scammers. If you get bored, call them back. Lead them on, and waste as much of their time as you can. They HATE that. Right about the time they figure out I'm messing with them, I say, "It sucks when someone calls and wastes your time doesn't it?" I usually get cursed at - boy that feels good! :)


Since when has google ever called ANYONE? They have no need to do that. People call and lie about who they work for. This twit (after being rather "strongly" told that he was FOS, a liar, a cold-call scam artist, and whatever else I could think of including asking for his home number, after hanging up on me (long before I was done cursing at him) he called back and said "we don't want your business." NOW I know with absolute certainty that it is a scam. IMO. Why in the world would google call me to discuss SEO issues? They run the show! They need nothing from me beyond content for them to analyze using their proprietary highly guarded paradigm. I encourage (not my normal style) RUDE responses to these RUDE, intrusive calls with a truth content of about zero. These guys should be trying to sell stock by cold-calling. Didn't they ever see Wall Street, Tin Men, or any of the other movies making fun of these jerks? Thanks for letting me blow off some steam. Perhaps if we ALL called THEM at this number they would appreciate the advise, lessons, input, calls, and the rest of the benefit we can provide for these cursed useless "people." Surely they are anxious to learn, having already demonstrated their complete moronic ignorance of Al Gore's invention, the internet. I would be impressed if this useless example of humanity can type. Dialing is beyond them, so they use computers to do it. I love Tony's suggestion. Consider "can you hang on a second? I want to learn about improving my google showing. hang on please. Then just put the phone down, mute or not. I do not recommend blowing a LOUD whistle into the phone. That could be an assault. Deserving to be assaulted is not a legal defense. It is OK to enjoy the fantasy of a loud air horn in the phone. I advise against doing it.
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