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This Number is calling from Hollywood, Florida

Who Called Me From 954-417-3224?


This caller is threatening legal action.


Never identified self. We are looking for an individual (no name given). . . failure to respond . . . I will not call back.


Called my job and left a message with whoever answered the phone and told them they were and investigator and looking for me.


Called my job and left message with my boss, never identified self. Said legal charges had been filed against me and needed a response in 24 hrs. I have gotten calls like this before at work and found out they were a scam, am thinking this one is also, but I am getting in trouble at work for the personal calls coming into my boss. I did not respond


Left message on my cell: There is a complaint filed against you. Legal charges. I'm calling to obtain your statement hear "your side of the story". Did not identify herself, no company name. I will not return call.


Called me saying I owed money on a payday loan back in 2008


Called my work and left word with the receptionist that a process server was coming to my work tomorrow to serve me with legal papers. They also left a voicemail message on my cell telling me they were coming to my home and left a phone number to call if I wanted to the process stopped. All a BIG SCAM!! Don't fall for any of their crap!!


It's a SCAM!!!!
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