Who is calling or texting from 973-252-4435?
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This Number is a land line number calling from Succasunna, New Jersey

Who Called Me From 973-252-4435?

Tina Cooper

They called me at work. Not on my cell phone. Left a message for me to call back and I will not till I know more information.

Jennifer Wilson

The woman who is contacting me is names Louisa Berlin. She would like the Financial Advisor that I support to take a survey regarding DC Plans. It would be a 60 min phone interview and in exchange, they would compensate him $300. We have declined the request.

Does it really matter

A woman by the name of Louisa Berlin called and wanted someone who had been retired for years. Then asked for the owner but wouldn't provide the company she was calling from. She is SPAM. Once I asked what this was in regards to she then asked for whoever was in personal lines and I then requested what account she was calling for and she just said that she would call back. That lead me to know that this was SPAM and she was up to no good. The number she was calling from was 973-252-4435. DO NOT PROVIDE ANY INFORMAITON TO THIS PERSON.


This number only calls when you have submitted a request to take part in a survey or study regarding medical matter, as they did me. They are not spam - though it is possible that they have incorrect information for the above callers.


Like Mark said above. Seems to work for a company that sets appointments for various surveyors. I received a call from this number to participate in a survey I signed up for. Seems legit
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