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Who Called Me From 975-964-2877?


This is a phone scam trying to gain access to your personal information


These idiots called and told me there was a virus on my computer, i told them they had reached the Sheriff's Office and hung up. Dang, their line is now dead, go figure!

tired of it

Same comments of the Imposer. Indian male with virus spin about Microsoft OS

tired of it

Frequent calls daily. As many as 5 to 6 per day. None over night. they advised my wife they would
fix her phone. They have made a very disturbing situation. What can be done to block these
spam calls?

anonymous from oregon

Been calling repeatedly. Told them they had reached the police dept. how can we help you? Kept talking over me and told the "police dept" he had gps on them sounded threatening so I screamed I am not interested and hung up. Called 3 more times in a row. I just kept holding down one of the buttons to hurt his ear or hung right up. When I get bored they can talk to the machine. Indian phone bank.


Funny, I've had same call 6 times!!!!!!
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