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This Number is a land line number calling from Groton, Massachusetts

Who Called Me From 978-732-6421?


Called me regarding my resume. Company name is MDL Partners
Same thing. I got a call today. The woman claimed to be "Maria, calling on behalf of Vice President Rick Story of MDL Partners. We have an office in Wellesley, MA" she said. "We help executives take their careers to the next level, make transitions, we build businesses. Im just calling to see if this is something you'd be interested in. I was passed your resume by Rick," she continued. I knew it was a cold call solicitation and that they did not have my resume, so I said to her "Oh you mean Dick Story? You work under Dick? How do you know Dick? Sounds like you know Dick pretty well! So, you've been working with Dick a loong time have you? If your hands arent too full, Please say hello to Dick! Why don't you get back to Dick, and tell him to keep it up! I wish you and Dick well, thanks for calling! Bye" then I hung up.
4 years ago


Call came from 978-732-6421; a woman called my cell phone left message claiming to have "received my resume" and wanted to speak with me about it. I returned her call; company is called MDL partners" who claim they are a "Marketing Consulting Networking Cop." and not "recruiters". However, I never sent them my resume, they probably lifted my info off" of LinkedIN. It turns out MDL Partners charges a fee to "represent" me to help me find potential jobs. Who knows, maybe they are good at that they do, but I did not contact them.

This was an unsolicited marketing/sales call. I get calls all the time from recruiters


I received the same call, from Maria, saying "We received your resume...". I had not sent my resume to any MDL Partners, and after reading this, I will call back. They must only have Maria working there. Plus, if they had my resume, they would have my email address, and could send me an email with information. Blocking this number.


Received a call from Maria saying she received my resume and after reviewing it, she thought it made sense for us to talk. My resume is posted on several job board sites so my guess is she lifted it from there. After reviewing their web site and the other comments on this site, I decided NOT to call. Most callers identify how they got my resume. She did not.


Looks like Maria is back in business with her cold calls. Got mine from her today. MDL must be: Maria, her sister, Maria, and her other sister, Maria. (That's a "Newhart" show gag, btw)


Thanks to this site and the comments here, I didn't call "Maria" back!
Wish I had seen all of this first. Good to know now. I won't answer...
4 years ago


They're still at it. Got the call yesterday. Checked msgs this am and there it was... This is Maria with MDL Primaries... Seems they may be using a new company name for their scam front but it is still the same scam...


I just got the call this morning!!!


Well I am glad that I am researching this so called MDL Partners.... I got a call from the same or another Maria and similar to what has been posted here. I had a meeting setup with them for tomorrow in MA (I live in NH), but it was cancelled due to some BS excuse, so now I have it rescheduled for Thursday, but I guess I will leave them hanging! LOL Freaking people!


Seems totally bogus. As with others I'll be blocking the number.


So Maria has now become Jessica!
I got the call with all the same spiel as Marias call


same for me. same "We received your resume..." message. Scam


I got the same call from "Maria" in July 2018. Same spiel.


Still active. Melody this time. Initial contact with through LinkedIn so they are harvesting profiles and then trying to sell to them. Seems LinkedIn should be monitoring for this type of scam.


Received messages on LinkedIn using a similar tactic. Vague reference about needing clarification on my background. Said, the "CEO" wanted them to reach out to me.

I asked for clarification on what they want to speak about. No response. But, shortly there after, received a phone call from the 978-732-6421 number. Still don't know what they wanted to speak about...

Same thing. Said that a CEO had referred me, but when she called me, wanted me to pay to have her "maximize" my outreach efforts. Points for effort, though demerits for lying.
9 months ago
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