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Area Code: 980

Location Info for Area Code 980

State/Province: North Carolina

Cities:   note: the number in parentheses is the prefix for that city

(200) Charlotte
(212) Lincolnton
(222) Denver
(223) Statesville
(234) Salisbury
(238) Gastonia
(239) Monroe
(245) Matthews
(248) Concord
(258) Harrisburg
(278) Wadesboro
(283) Belmont
(295) Shelby
(332) Rockwell
(354) Locust
(379) Harmony
(533) Bessemer City
(581) Albemarle
(922) Mt Pleasant



READ it. See several other reports with similar phone here, Trooper or Police charity scams. Caller said he was John Connor calling for donations for >>Police and Troopers Relief Fund<<. . .do not believe it!! It is not the registered real name. Research the Law Enforcement Officers Relief Fund--based in Sarasota FL they were created by the Police Intl Union (a501(c)5 but not tax-free non-profit) as its 501(c)3 fundraising branch, in order to be tax-deductible, according to discussion with Jennifer in their FL Marketing Dept. That's all well and good IF they got the money raised, but according to her they no longer have their own fundraising phone staff and use an outside firm, since the other wasn't so profitable. She admitted the telemarketers (teams of robocallers) keep 90 percent of any donations and the LEORF group only gets 10per cent of every dollar raised! John Connor (whoever?) and his team never tell you THAT on the phone when they robocall--so pass it along. Spread the word and do not give if caller represents himself as from Police and Troopers Relief Fund--it might as well be a SCAM if that is all the real charity (LEORF is registered in FL) would get: 10 cents on the dollar!!! Verify every charity first! Ask for headquarters, phone, ratio of admin costs to fieldwork expenses, etc. Check them out!
Jill Randlett:

Julie Reward Cernter -
nunya buzness:


asking for money
m n reyes:

this area code and no. is from Denver, N Carolina, insisting that windows computer has been hack and they are the solution. He said they are in Brandon, Ontario (no address like this)

I called the number back after receiving numerous calls from this number for the last several days never leaving a message. It is an automated solicitation call for the NC Troopers Association

Cindy D:

unwanted call

calls constantly

I received a call from this number but I was not available at the time. No voicemail was left and when I attempted to return the call. I received a recording stating " This number can not be completed as dialed. Please check your number and try again."

When I returned a call to this number I was told that the number did not exist but the caller tried to re-call me several times on my cell phone but I couldn't answer because of malfunctioning cell phone
arpon roy:

every time miss col me
Deb Knox:

8 am on a Saturday morning! No chance I will answer when I don't recognize the number

Duke Energy said they needed email address to send tax exempt form. I think it is telemarketers or something fishing for email addresses or other information that they can get and sell to companies.
Barbie Jones:

This number called my house at 8:05AM and then again at 9:36. At 10:25 we got a call from Out of Area which cannot be traced when one tries to retreive it. At noon we received Toll Free Cable and then again at 1:00. At 3:25 PM and 9:27 PM we received a call from 866-619-5010. That is SEVEN calls in one day! I still believev some of the calls are made by Americorp from Destin, FL. People working for Americorp must make a percentage of telemarketing calls in order to get compensation.

DO NOT BOTHER ANSWERING THIS ONE, go ahead and add it to your "auto-reject list", as you're not gonna miss anything important. Actually, it's such a blatant SCAM, you'll probably NEVER speak with a human unless you're ready to fork over your ssn, cc/debit, the combination to your home safe and a hefty percentage of all future household incomes until the day you die. I know, I know...You think I'm exaggerating and you're right. I am, a bit. Why would they want your safe combination? That would entail someone coming to your house to empty it and if they did that, you'd clearly be able to identify them at a later date. I'm willing to bet, they're smoother criminals, than that but in all seriousness...don't waste your time and for the love of God...DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY INFORMATION!

This scammer calls numbers on the national do not call registry in violation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. They further violate the TCPA by failing to have an operator on the line when the call is answered, and still further violate the TCPA by playing a recorded message without an operator on the line the pause or stop the recording and answer questions. They continue to violate the TCPA by refusing to provide a phone number when asked, and still further by hanging up when asked for a physical address - both of which they are required by the TCPA to provide if asked. Their recording claims that this is your second and final notification that you are eligible for discounted rates on your credit cards, and that it is urgent that you speak with them. This is clearly a scam, as 100% of legitimate companies would gladly provide address and phone number, but also because a decision like the one they are asking you to make will require research, decision time, and a call back. This is clearly a scam. Do not provide this scammer with any personal or financial information.

This number has called my house a few times claiming to be associated with a police based charity. It is bogus. Tried a few attempts to get me to donate money. It was clearly a recording.

Calls every morning at around 8.00am. they never say a word.
tony john:

legal pappers


Not sure who this is

Looking for someone with a similar name, clearly not me, trying to recover an unknown debt, again not me, not mine, even after that was established, they call back!

Received calls from them-at my place of employment-asking me to verify my identity stating they are trying to collect a debt but refused to give me details until I verified my identity, which I was reluctant to do. The agent stated it was illegal to share info until they verified I was the actual person they were looking for, asked to provide my birthday or last 4, I gave the month

Calls. Shows no name and leaves no message
jessie lewis:

first contact male voice initiated. Call back female voice activated. Offered no clue as to who or what entity. Offered times open. Offered opt out for number.
J. Short:

Claimed to be from NC fraternal order of police. Wanted to send some sort of a packet for me to send money back. As I was explaining that my wife and I both are on disability only and no money to send, the worthless bastard hung up.

debt collector

Wont stop calling us

This number continues to call my parents phone daily.. Very harrasing

number unknown to us. call often ask ask for name of residence and then hang up..

getting unwanted calls

I did call back prepared to be a dick. It's an answering machine, never mentions the "business" name. It give hours of operation, and the choice of pressing 1 for more info, or 2 to be placed on the DNC. Never says what they do or who they are.
Widlyne fils:

Is this a bill collector

They call you when you have not paid your phone bill on time.