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Several uninvited calls from this number every day to my office phone. Never leaves a message. Caller ID reports "Oxford Intl."
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Received a call from a Miss Johnson, Special Agent at Highland Financial in Georgia this morning. She said a loan was deposited into my account back in 2010 at a bank I have never banked at - the bank doesn't even exist in my area, here in Illinois. It was scary how much information they had, my social security number, address, phone number and last 4 digits of my old checking account. The said the loan was originally $200 and is now $1200 and if I don't pay by noon they would process a warrant for check fraud and come to my house. These people are scammers - When I asked for written confirmation, she told me she could not do that and that I had to pay or she would hang up and process the warrant. I hung up on her and filed a complaint with the FTC.
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John Smith:

Continues to call and hang up or no one there.
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The phone rings, I pick up and no one says anything. The phone number shows up on our called id.
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The Blood Bank seeking a donation
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John Anderson:

Received a call from Benchmark pretending to be collecting from numerous companies. After him being extremely rude to me then my Accountant. I called the company that he said that he was calling from to complain. I spoke to a nice lady who explained that there is no John Anderson that works for her, that they believe that he gets his hand on different directory, and that he also searchs advertising websites for easy payments. She then said that I should google the phone number as well as Benchmark Industries. I came across this blog and many others.
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I just had the same experience with this man. I was selling a sectional on craigslist. Asked me did I have a paypal account, he told me he was interested and would deposit the money Into my paypal account. he put extra money into the account to cover shipping but told me I had to go to a western union and wire the money to the shippers before paypal would release the money to me, and before the shippers would schedule a pick up. Since I'm new to the craigslist and PayPal thing I actually fell for it!! Luckily I called paypal and they told me I had been scammed and I had enough time to cancel the western union before he had time to collect. He never deposited any money into my account! The paypal emails that was sent were FAKE!!. He introduced himself as Gary McGowen through text. He had me wire money to someone named Barbara Davis, then text me back and said the shipping company couldn't pick up until march so could I kindly change the name to Andrew Hoerber. I think Andrew Hoerber is his real name because when I changed the name on the western union to Andrew Hoerber and told him I did it.. He attempted to collect the money but I canceled it 2 minutes after I had done it so by the time he got to his western union location it was to late. He text me 3 minutes later telling me that I made a mistake spelling the name and could I kindly go back to western union a correct it. He thought he couldn't collect because the name was misspelled.. But in all actuality.. I had finally caught on to his scheme and got my money back. I was lucky
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Shirley Pockrus:

Odds And Ends Handyman Service
4920 Live Oak St Dallas, TX 75206
(214) 937-0728
Home Improvement, Home Remodeling, Handyman, Handyman Service, Handyman Repair in
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These number seems to be some scams..i received many phone calls from them and pretend to be working for Eskom. Do not supply any information to this people. ask them what information they have about u. 28/01/2014
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These number seems to be some scams..i received many phone calls from them and pretend to be working for Eskom. Do not supply any information to this people. ask them what information they have about u. 28/01/2014
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I got a call from HDFC bank for selling Savings. I had never gave my phone number to them, I still don't know how they got a hold of it. I told them to remove my number from their database. But they kept arguing that I must have given them my number and kept trying to sell me some savings deal.
Don't pick up, this is definitely some telemarketer call center number.

-Aarti Desai.
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Website designer. Company is called pageside.
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This guy claims to be named "Reginald Tait" and participates in Craigslist scams involving bad checks. Do NOT cash anything if he sends it to you. I accidentally did, thinking it was a loan from my school, and I was charged multiple fees because he's a fraud!
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This caller obviously has something to hide. No id when they call and if you call them back there is a recording that the number has been changed or disconnected.
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Texas Pete:

From "UNKNOWN CALLER" - left no message. Another sicko..
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milly mendez:

number from where
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thank you Don!!! Your choice of action is more peaceful than the sh*t I used to do as a mafia kid in the 1980's (before the Nazi's invented theNSA). ~ if you get a call from 307-655-7561, it is possible the book "Endlösung der Judenfrage" is being used in the country of Syria.
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This is a telemarketing call from Verde Energy. They are currently the subject of a fraud investigation by the State of Connecticut's Department of Consumer Protection. All of the reports to the Do Not Call List actually add up and work if you follow through and file each and every call! The list does not work unless you report them!
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I was getting calls from this phone number and they continue to harass me on the phone.

The name of the place is;
San Antonio Clubhouse Inc
445 Recoleta Road
San Antonio, Texas 78216
Office #: (210) 798-1619
Fax #: (210) 798-1620

Mark Stoeltje - Executive Director
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Selling aftermarket vehicle warranty coverage.
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It is Merchants Credit in W.F. They are a collection agency.
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This number has called several times today, I called it back and I asked who I was calling, they said someone( an name I was not familiar with) must have filled out a web survey and they appologized and hung up.
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This number calls all the time.

I called and got "Nelson Reports" when the caller I.D. shows Public Affairs.

Asked to be removed -- We'll see
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called me 2x
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Received a call from 678-374-1621 on 2014/01/27 14:36 EST, left 3 seconds of unintelligible voicemail, the first 0.8 seconds of which being several background voices.
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I got Patricia Ellis from Neptune as well. Didn't call back.
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Jane Citizen:

This is a very threatening collection company. They do not listen nor try to work with anyone/debt, they simply sue and take you to court. They will not reason, don't try if you have an attorney I recommend sending them a letter to stop the harassment.
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keeps calling and hangs up
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They called and said 'do you know who this is?' they then proceeded to tell me that I won 5.5 million dollars and a new Mercedes Benz.
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Trying to tell me about my premium rate for Obama Care, which I do not need.
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joe acosta:

keeps calling when I answer no one is on the line,when I call back no one answers
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Betty Boos:

This lady keeps calling my husbands cell