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This number keeps randomly calling me and when I answer there is no one on the other line.
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It's the Chicago School of Professional Psychology Los Angeles Campus
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call during work
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Started calling today. Received 3 calls so far. Answered the 3rd time, and they said they were from Scott Alarms or Security. When I asked to remove my number, they hung up.
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Bottom feeding collections agency specializing in old debt they cannot use any legal means to collect. Debt over 2 years.

Do not give them ANY information about you!! Nothing, do not say a word other than to ask for their mailing address and send a dispute/stop calling letter by registered mail. Only way to get rid of them.

Google "collections agency cease and deist letter ontario" cut, paste, insert bare minimum information and send registered mail. Calls will stop. If not and you have proof it was send, registered mail remember, report them to the Ontario Ministry of Consumer Services.
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Telemarketer with a free cruise.
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It's probably a telemarketing pre-scam where they see who answers before you get a marketing call later. Not worth the effort.
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The person spoke very slow and broken. He informed me that he had a package from Publisher's Clearing House that was not delivered. I asked him if the package was with him and he said yes. I asked him to look at the package and tell me what my address is. He couldn't give me this information and kept asking me what my name was. I hung up on the guy.
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Same happened to me like everyone else.

Here is the remedy. Go to http://www.fcc.gov/complaints and file complaint against this number. FCC takes this very seriously and can even get the man behind bars
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harassing our business saying someone that works here owes $. they said they would take our business down and hurt us. they make so many calls to us that it takes up all the lines and we cant answer the calls from our customers. these guys threaten and swear calling us liars
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I'm bout to f**k with these guys
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since I'm unemployed, I'm always on job websites. When you go from page to page, It forces you to check off to have people call you to go back to school. I have so many calls from people trying to get me registered to go back to school.
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This company calls numbers on the do not call registry (in violation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act) playing a recorded message without an operator on the line (also a violation of the TCPA) stating that they have a guaranteed, pre-approved loan for you. When you get to an operator, the operator wants your name and phone number. The operator refuses to provide the caller's business name when asked (also in violation of the TCPA) and states that if you really wanted the loan, you'd give him your information. The operator also refuses to provide the company's phone number when asked (another violation of the TCPA). If you ask for the caller's information again, the operator hangs up without providing it. This is clearly a scammer - they refuse to provide basic information that 100% of legitimate businesses would gladly provide - even if it weren't required by law, and they require you to provide personal information before they will answer any questions... Do not provide them any information - this is a SCAM!
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shailesh kumar:

i love you
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Called my cell phone. It's illegal for a company to place soliciting phone calls to a cell phone without written permission. No business has that of my cell phone. My cell phone is also on the do not call list as well. That's 2 laws broken. Other complaint sites say this phone number is some tire store in Kissimmee, Florida.
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These people are scammers
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K. O Connor:

This # susposidly belongs to Fast Cash America loans
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Sacramento, California:

This is the third time I have received a call for the same thing - medical procedures / surgery / drugs during pregnancy - looking for potential lawsuit customers. Sounds like the calls are from india. Last time the phone number came across as "restricted". Each time have asked to be removed from the call list and advised that we are on the do not call list. But the called is persistent/demanding and says "just one more question" before I hang up. Company is something like "Health Safety" - real generic. Hard to understand due to the accent of the caller.
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calls, no message, took next call, they asked for CC, then hung up. Two more calls no message.
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Another scam artist tied to psychic crime family in Dallas,Tx., be careful folks as they target the elderly and look to empty your pockets. Be safe. Be cool and AIM the red dot squarely between the eyes.
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Craigslist reply.. Supposed name Rick Smith - several e mails, several phones numbers, his "mover", PayPals, all associated with him being a scammer- DO NOT USE HIM- google his number
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Hang ups. Annoying. When you call back you get a recording saying the number is not in service. WTF?
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IT IS A SCAM the text message that I had received yesterday: "FRM: Support , Subject : Debit Card Locked, MSG We have temporarily prevented access to your account for security reasons,. Please call 1(206)279-5365"
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johnny leone:

who is this
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First they called my number with a threatening message for a Stephanie I called them back with the reference number then after telling them I wasnt Stephanie I was told they would remove my name and number.
I then put my name on my recorded message now they have started calling asking for me by name, with a reference number, saying my SS number was attached to fraudalent activity and if I dont call them back I will get a summons at my home or my place of Employment.
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Who's this
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Call received at 5:26 on 11/24/2013, Caller ID shows as
"Anonymous". Now what legitimate caller would use that ID?
Suspect from other numbers used that this is a scammer who
is soliciting funds for March of Dimes. This call was not
answered due to the Anonymous ID and suspicious number.
and will be blocked on my phone system.
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Got a text that said "Due to suspicious activity we have locked your debit card. Please call 1(206)456-0899 to unlock." Always call the number on your card! Do not call a number that is texted or emailed to you!
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hi i have no had any luck yet
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Got a text message that is a scam. The text said only this: FRM:Security
SUBJ:Account Locked
MSG:Due to a recent upgrade in our servers we request you to call 1(206)456-0899 and activate your card
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Irritated mobile owner:

How in the hell did this person or thing get my number? So freaking annoying!
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the call came on a sunday morning , at 11:35:42 CST . It was a robo sales call from a SS "associated" contractor called NTI . the robo caller left a voice mail saying Hi , we just invaded your privacy and committed a federal offense by calling you at your private unlisted number , but since we did , we're inviting you come to our web site and " bulls*t , bullsh*t , bullsh*t .... blah , blah , blah ... etc , etc , etc " . fortunately my new android call blocking app is able to determine if these calls are from the a*s wipe robo callers and or their machines . and blocked it . i does inform you tho what number just tried to invade your privacy , logs it and you can then determine if you want to make a retaliatory call , which we all know they will ignore, and sell your number for profit again and again , or just enjoy the fact that you just beat them at their own game . its easily configurable by anyone who has an android based cell phone , to block them permanently , by either using your own internal phones contact list , or use its features . or you can choose many variations of it . it is free , but as all are , the best features are not fully available . this one is called Call Control Pro , Powered by EveryCall.us . it costs a onetime only 1.99 to unlock , but if you are as pi**ed off as i am after putting your name on every conceivable federal state and any other DO NOT CALL list , since they became law .... and STILL getting these calls , i assure you this will be one of the best 2 bucks you ever spent . and i guarantee that once you install it and become familiar with its options and configurations , you will never be bothered by these pricks again . I emailed the EveryCall.us contact and told them it if they would just modify one feature a bit it would be perfectly flawless . and thanked them for designing it , and was informed the very thing i was asking them to modify was already being done and for the people who pay the 1.99 the feature would automatically be downloaded in a upcoming existing version update at no charge . and would be integrated into the next ' official ' version release . I highly recommend you get the app . and no i don't work for them and am not related to anyone in their company , and am not being coerced or paid to post this comment .
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keep getting calls from this number... i do not answer unknown calls; and no message left
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Received a text from this number stating "We have temporarily prevented access to your account for security reasons. Please call: 1(206)279-5365". SCAM!