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I keep getting phone calls from this number... If I don't know who you are, I'm not picking up.
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Received an awful, disgusting text with the same thing. Message for "tim" doing nasty stuff. Someone is obviously bored and sad.
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2 rings and call hanged up. Idiots
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This number is West Asset Management, a collection agency. Had no idea of who they were looking for.
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Its a collection agency
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I have been receiving phone calls from this number and others in violation of the do not call rules every 2 to 3 days claiming to be from Google plus and asking me to update my profile. I called Google and they said they do not make phone calls.
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This company calls numbers on the do not call registry (in violation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act) claiming they are an IT outsources and naming someone no longer with the business that they have been working with in the past (which they haven't). They then want to set up a teleconference to start a work schedule, but refuse to provide a phone number when asked (in violation of the TCPA) and refuse to provide a physical address when asked (also in violation of the TCPA). This is clearly a scam as all legitimate businesses would gladly provide both a phone number and an address to anyone they wanted as a client. Do not provide this scammer with any information.
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Need who is calling me
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I live in Oregon,why are they calling me
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This number texts a distribution group. I did not give permission or other indication of consent to be added to the distribution lists. I called today to have my number removed. I had tried to send a message back to the recipient to remove my number, and my message was also sent to the other members of this group instead. Two of the other recipients contacted me; apparently they had not consented to the distribution either.
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My elderly mother gets several calls a week from this number. They claim to be with U.S. Customs in Washington, DC. They also claim to be holding a check for my mother from some sweepstakes. Today, the gentleman identified himself as Agent Louis Wright. When I identified myself as Agent Terri ...., he hung up! Total scammers.
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calls 3 times a day and it just beeps this has been going on for weeks
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Calling telling me that I have a summons to court over a bad check. I haven't had a checking account in several years and if you get a summons to appear in court in Marshall County Alabama a deputy sheriff physically puts it in your hand, they don't call from a number you cannot call back.
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Someone keeps calling from this number 3 times daily.
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Not Answering:

Received a call from this number. I do not answer calls I do not recognize. ID was Valparaiso FL. A search of Google says number is listed to Computer Tech Service. If there is one thing I do not need it is a Computer Tech.
They did not leave a message
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Caller is very unprofessional.
I said I was busy right now and asked if I could give me his home number so I could call him back at around 6 pm. He said didn't give out that number. I said I don't give out mine either and hung up the second time.
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i've had the same thing and mine is a new number i haven't given it to anyone.. also 027 050 5059????
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Just called me. .. if I don't answer, and you don't leave a message. ..
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no one on the line
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Tabitha Dennis:

I have been receiving text messages from this number for a few months now (385) 202-5623 I would really like to know who owns this number
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CPS aka Card Processing Services 6000 cote DES neiges owned by scamers Mike Karaguizuan Daniel Talafre Steve Geffin total scammers lie about everything rates are all lies terminals all lies hidden fees unauthorized and musladimg total rip off F rating with BBB you will go bankrupt because of them
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This is the most annoying robot out-call only fax advertisement. It rings every 2 hours from 12am to 6am. Its a fax beep. I hate it. I have two little kids and this damn phone rings through the night. I called our phone provider rogers and got a service called screening calls. So hopefully I can try to block them tonight. Let's wait and see. If not , then have to change the number. That sucks.
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These people are using a VoIP service by www.bandwidth.com

Call bandwidth and they will tell you that the 209 number calls are being made by one of their resellers.

They won't tell you who the reseller is.

But maybe your local police or the correct authorities will investigate it.

We have called the 209 number 100s of times today and it seems the people may be muslim as "F*** allah" really upset them after a while when the woman replied "Do not play with God"

Unless that's just a front
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J Manley:

Carfinance Capital LLC in Fort Worth, TX
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who is calling from this number?
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This number called me at 6:47pm and asked if this was (and mentioned my last name at- and mentioned my address. I said yes. He then said do you know anyone at the 600 number and mentioned my street name. I said no. He then hung up. I called the number he was calling from and it rings once and then goes to a fast busy signal.
Most likely a spoof number and Phishing call.
From now on i will not admit my name pr address! Skumbags like this is precisely why i dont annwer my phone anymore!
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i get calls from this number too. i dont know who is it. The number calling me every day few times and no one talking on the other end.
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Got a call from this Jerkoff pausing between sentences cause he had to think of what he was going to come up with next to say, Same scare tactic as above threatening to come to my house and have a witness and two forms of ID ready or if im not home He would come to my work and want my supervisor to be present as a witness? Really, You can do that? Just show up and demand people to do things? I dont think so!! There is a lawyer that can get you $1500 for them contacting and harrasing you each time they call, I think im gonna start with that lawyer before they continue their little scrae tactic scam, and the call came out of Los Angeles.
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over it:

It is the rude and relentless American Travel vacation sales. call them back as I have at 866-252-5370 if you want it to ever go away.
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Its some telemarketing college tuition scam. I responded to a site that I thought wad about scholarships. It wasn't. Realizing this, I clicked out of it so that I'd not be on their list. But it sent the info anyway and I'm getting hounded.
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babaloo kaloota:

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I received a call from someone saying to be Lt. David Williams from this number. He said the DEA had seized a package coming into the US with illegal prescription drugs inside and because of this I now had a warrant out for my arrest but I could have the warrant disappear if I paid a restitution fee of $1650.00 immediately. Instead my husband and I immediately called our local sheriffs office and reported him. Our sheriff called him back and the number had been disconnected. This guy had me crying thinking I was going to be arrested in front of my children even though I knew I had done nothing wrong. THIS IS A SCAM!!! DO NOT SEND MONEY TO THIS GUY!!!
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Light Bulb Moment:

I've been getting the calls today also on my Cell phone. I just downloaded an FREE app called "Mr. Number" that lets you BLOCK unwanted calls. My kid already uses Mr. Number so I know it works ! :)

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Person post this number on Craigslist Ads to sell vehicles. This is a scam. Calls routed through Google Voice individuals across the country
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Light Bulb Moment:

I've been getting the calls today also on my Cell phone. I just downloaded an FREE app called "Mr. Number" that lets you BLOCK unwanted calls. My kid already uses Mr. Number so I know it works ! :)