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The Truth:

Its not a scam. This is Harambee a recruitment agency for unemployed youth based in Johannesburg for my knowledge. They are on google you guys just can't use your search engines.
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called my cell
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sick n tired:

left no message , caller ID just says Paterson NJ
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This is a scam
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My experience is similar to the above. The person calls himself Alan. I received a check for $1550.60 for a $125 item. He wanted me to cash it, take out $100 for my time and to send the remainder to a shipper who was going to pick the item up. #SCAM
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They are telemarketers trying to sell insurance than got your number on a site online!!!!10 calls in one hour....grrrr
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Rooms To Go Delivery Verification
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This just happened to me too! Said his name was Eric calling from Microsoft global and my computer judas downloaded a malicious virus!
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It's NCO colections
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Autumn Turner:

call non-stop. and just hold the phone or its a recording that trys to play.
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Imran Khan:

We introduce ourself as interior decoration company .
We provide all interior solutions as Carpenrty, Paints,Electrical and Civil works on reasonable prices in time schedule.
Our most try to provide best quality to our clients in the budget.
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person calling from this number is a physco or a cheat. He calls various people and says he is inspector Yadav or Rathod.. and something inspector Jadhav......sometimes Mumbai police and sometimes Delhi police. its all a lie. He is paid to Threaten people.
The most wonderful thing is both Jadhav and Rathod work for Advocate Gupta.
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I got the call from 7503010950 phone number.using abusive language and he is saying he is inspector.I think a complaint should be filled against this.
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Sissy Brice:

Keep calling on my cellphone
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this number calls all hours I am sick of it.Leave me alone.
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johnsondead call:

dead calll
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Irv Schwartz:

This is Kaiser Permanente's appointment confirmation number.
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CMRE Financial Services: Medical Debt Collections
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First told me his name was Bob Green then asked "OK?" He's from Publishers Clearing House..then asks "OK?" Hey I have won 8 million "OK?" I start laughing (rolling) he hangs up
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they say they are a security company checking to see if i have an in home security system. i think its a scam or scouting my home out to see if indeed have a security system for a potential robbery
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I'm a guy and I just got the same text message. Don't respond, obviously dude is fishing.
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Dont give your name to these people. I answer, they hang up everyime. If I let it go to voice machine they play a prerecorded message that they are looking for a such Michael who i dont know at all. So I answer the phone half way the message, and I press one and someone answers the phone "Hi Michael?" ..I say "no" ..and they quickly hang up. So what I did I called this number back.. they will pick up and click on me. So i called and called and called ..and guess what?.. same Guy who hangs up on me answers all pissed off.. and decides to tell me to take a hike . So this is weird..this isnt a normal debt collecting place. Be careful. Dont give your name or anything. Let them be annoying or you be annoying back by calling them 10 times in a row.
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This and some other numbers call and never leave a voicemail.
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Girl claimed to be from King County Metro Transit and would like to ask a few questions about public service. As I was driving at the time and our connection was not good, she said she'd call me back. She did call in an hour and wanted to engage in a conversation. Since I didn't respond warmly, she abruptly said she had to hang up and that she'd call again. Never called back that evening and has not called me yet today.
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Well i tried calling back the number (323)576-1908 No body answered and there was no kind of ring tone sound. Just a collection agency trying to con his way for me to make a full payment i owe with casnetusa or arrange monthly payments to him. Him and his other workers can take their empty threat scare tactics some place because you cannot go to jail if you owe a cash advance or a pay day loan company. Especially if you receive welfare or s.s.i. They can't do sqwat. Pay no mind to them their foolish
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Well if you owe some kind of pay day loan or cash advance and your info went to this collecting agency they will try to use all kinds of scare tactics just for you to make a full payment or arrange payments with them. They will say things such as their in your county or are your county calling you about a court summons and will see if you want to make a deal so your case don't go further. Like any other collecting agency they all want some money and will use any kind of scare tactic to try getting a payment out of you. Pay no mind to these idiots. Just empty threats
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I too got a call from the same phone number. Caller says he is inspector Y S Rathod. Says...Some warrant issued by advocate Gupta.
I assume this caller is from debt collection
agency.. or paid by the advocate to harress people.
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it's about my colleg
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Yeah i got the same number that called me saying i will be tusionalized if this matter don't get solved. He wanted me to see about setting up to make a payment without further action on my cash advance from cashnetusa. He said he called up my country and told me he talked with them about my issue and that they said i should arrange a payment by today with him. AhahahaBuncha b.s. Hell with them debt collection agencies. Their scare tactics can't fool me one bit
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This phone number is from Humana Health Services, I requested them to call me, it is a legit call about group insurance information I needed
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Anyone that calls you from this phone # 518-557-6051 is a fraud. They are claiming to be DEA Agents, giving false bade ID numbers and trying to get money from you to keep you from going to jail.
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C W:

for real who keeps calling from this number 417 800 2537
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This is a telelmarketer. http://www.cashcoachtroy.com/
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did not leave message
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Asked for the last 4 digits of my SS#, when I asked them why they wouldn't say, so I told them there was no way I'm giving out my personal information!
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get a airhorn