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This call comes in all the time, there is never a message, and I never answer because it is not a familiar number. Decided to research the area code, finding it to be las Vegas, don't know anyone there, so.....researched further to find these comments, which have raised my concerns. I will follow through with contact to the FCC...suggestions for the rest of you to do the same.
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Repetitive calls showing on caller ID including well past legal time for solicitation calls. Moreover my number is current and updated on the do not call lists. At best, these people are grossly unprofessional. At worst, these people are annoying scammer wannabes.
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this number called me but no response?
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They asked for personal information but hung up when i asked who it was
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Stop calling me,my family said ,"baby,dont answer those unknown numbers unless you know who number it is ,and that number keeps calling me,what should i do

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I recevied a call earlier today from a man pretending to be my cusin from out of california. It seemed like the man wanted to get info from me.. It seemed kind of fisshy so i gave the fone to my dad. My dad answeeed and they were asking him to guess who it was and the man was acting like if he were to be a relative from.mexico.. After a while my dad was playing the same roll as him asking him questions and not answering any of his questions the man got fed up cuz's my dad out and hung up. If you guys ever recieve calls like this please make sure there your relatives before you guys release any kind of information, thats is how these people make a living.
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select vehicle marketing called me to sell my rv telemarketer
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I got the call as well from 202-558-4550 and the guy threatened me saying that I go to Jail for 7 years if I don't settle my due with IRS right away. OR I get to pay the penalty $250000. I had to believe this guy because I owe some tax dues for IRS. He want me to go to the bank and take cashier's check and then go local IRS office and then pay it there while I am on the phone call. He said he is going to tell where to go for local IRS office.He was asking me if I have enough battery for at least an hour to stay live on the call. He threatened me that I loose my status and get deported after the jail period if I disconnect the call. ALso he don't want me to talk with anyone until I finish whole process. I realized this as a scam after all this talk and told that guy to go to hell.

It is a big scam.
The phone has no voicemail setup but he claimed it IRS hotline.
Please be careful.
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Telemarketer for weight loss products. They continue to call after you tell them to remove your number from their list.
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blah blah
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I keep getting a call, and before I can answer it is disconnected. Doesn't even complete a full ring.Still don't know who it is.
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Called, said I would be getting a new medicare card
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Caressa W:

Website, goshoppingmall.com, told me I won giftcards and some Dr. Network thing, then they wanted credit card information, when I declined they disconnected the call.
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Paula Lastoria:

This number will call all the time , @ am
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Got a call from this number that left a message saying they were "calling on behalf of an independent Jewish preacher". WHAT!?!?!
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I'M trying to see
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harassing text messages
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512-765-9355 is a collection agent
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Jamaican Me Crazy:

So the call went like this earlier today.
John Winston explained that I had been randomly selected as the 2nd place winner of $550k and a 2013 Honda CRV. This was a package that was waiting for me to claim. He said, all I had to do was "cooperate." Knowing it was a scam but curious I played dumb so I could get more info. To cooperate I would need to select 1 of 3 options.
1) To accept the package. Which is apparently delivered by two U.S. Marshalls and a lawyer after I give my address. He assured me package contains a 100% certified check. lol.
2) To give the money to charity
3) To decline the prize so it can be offered to someone else.

He started asking If I shop at Walmart, Kmart, Target or my local supermarket. Then, I started questioning him and his credentials, this idiot said the prize was given from the U.S. government. Specifically the "Better Home and Gardens" department. lol that's a magazine for moms. He finally hung up on me when I started to ask him specific questions about his website, if I could pick up the package.
The funny part was I could hear a baby crying or making baby noises in the background. Poor kid.

I looked into the scam. The area code is located in Jamaica and not an 800 number. I hope I don't get charged by Verizon!! They eventually want you to pay the taxes or fees before you can claim the prize. They want you to purchase GreenDotCash cards or similar at Walmart, load them with money, and have you provide the card number where they then easily and secretly transfer the funds out of the account. To which account? IDK. But good luck getting your money back.
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phone rings...I pick up...nobody answers. Does not disconnect. I'm about ready to tell them what to do *which is physically impossible*
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513-330-8550 from Hamilton Ohio, who is calling me?? I didn't answer it, left no message may telemarketers
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Calles never leaves name or message
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Today "Bobby Roy (or was it Wright) called me for some prize too. Poor English and ending all his sentences with "all right?" set up my bullSH** radar. I asked for the UPS tracking number. He said that my phone's caller ID had the number. I said no a package number that would let me go online and track the packages progress. he gave me number 3649. Yeah, right..... I told him that that wasn't enough information and needed the full number to track this package online to verify the shipment. He said he wasn't going to be able to give me any more information, I said... "Likewise buddy, 'er Bobby" and hung up. .......jerks..............
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Same as above, keeps calling, no messages
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From a company called Coastal. As I asked questions, I was cursed and insulted. I'm looking to make sure I never deal with this company again.
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Called me saying my credit card from CPB has been locked and to press 1 to get to their security department
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this is not AT
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I got a call from this # and not message i do not even think to call them back
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The man asked for my husband by his first name when he called MY cell phone. That's a red flag to begin with. He stated he was calling to give Allan business referrals because Allan had registered with homeadvisor.com to post his business and get referrals. The trouble is that my husband NEVER gives my cell phone # to ANYONE, in person or online, so this was a violation of our being on the Do-Not-Call list. This is a telemarketer. They have called my cell phone before with this scam. They claim that it's ok to call because this is a business phone #, however, this is MY PERSONAL cell phone, not a business phone.
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receive this call about once a week?
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This guys calll me and says I won a Mercedes and 500, 000 in cash watch out for him
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It seems to be a sales call, they are calling insurance agents to provide services.
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This phone number belongs to NorthgateArinso's Human resources; therefore, Kayla, the job offer was real.
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john e:

These scumbags called trying to get our business to use their credit card services. When my wife told them we were not interested and hung up, the dummy on the phone called back to let us know he didn't appreciate the 'language'. Since my wife was firm but didn't curse, I let him have it, both barrels. He would not identify either himself or the company he was calling for. They are located in Gatineau Quebec and have VOIP services through Iristel Inc. from the research I did. I could not call the number back but I will continue to hunt these people down because we're tired of the crap.
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Joe Unhappy:

Someone from visible.net that keeps calling. I DO NOT WANT YOUR SERVICE. LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!!
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They CLAIM to be from Wells Fargo bank and want to talk to me "about my interest rate", but when you Google the number, it says it was registered to a local swim club. And if you Google it in connection to "wells fargo", there are no results. Clearly a scam. I haven't answered or called back and they've called 3 times over the past couple weeks.