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Same as above:

I would like to know if anyone else has spoke with a Daniel Crawford and was given the phone number to call 855-249-0221 as well as a case number?

Thank you!
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not dumb enough to say:

10/04/2013 A Mr.Daniel Crawford left a message on my land-line stating he has been trying to "serve me papers' and has not been able to do so and there for I have a "bench warrant" for my arrest. He gave me a phone number of 855-249-0221 to call with a case #. After using very good resources I am lucky to have in my life and my own knowledge This man and this so called "law Firm" does not exist. Please do not fall for this scam. They picked the wrong person to try and scare me into doing whatever it was he wanted. I GIVE NO INFORMATION and hope you all will do the same. What a pathetic world we live in.
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Abid khan:

I am from Lancesoft, its a recruiting company.
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Progressive Auto Insurance
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This is a collection agency. BYL Collection Services.
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Tired of Scammers:

Someone with very thick accent called from this number and said, they are the company who supports every Microsoft user in USA. Did not introduce himself, did not tell me the name of the company and when I said I'm going to file a harassment claim, hung up on me. Very push, rude individual!
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Ramy Infotech- IT Recruitment company
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Asked for info on Arizona State Univ. Bombarded with 3 calls per day. When I answer, no one on other end, when I let ring, no msg. I wouldn't go to ASU if they were the only university in the world.
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Fred Derf:

Purchase College looking for money.
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got a text saying they were Credit Protection Association LP for debt collection
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Number from Elk Grove, CA
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They called and i missed the call.. so i called back and they say there a collections agency..
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leave me alone:

calls every day, never leaves a message
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This number has been robo-calling us constantly for at least 6 months! Pure harassment! They call using various numbers, frequently shows up on CallerID as "V10041511130030" followed by "616-980-2546". When we selected the option to speak to someone, they immediately HUNG UP on us the minute it became evident the nature of our concern was that we're TIRED OF RECEIVING THEIR UNSOLICITED CALLS!! Automated calls from this number indicate "This is your last chance...", "As part of the Federal Stimulus...". They'll try ANYTHING to get you to pick up your phone and provide them with personal info. FCC or whichever agency has the POWER, should shut these pests down! Don't answer the call if you get it, don't give them ANY personal info, just block them! This is an invasion of privacy and abuse of the telecommunications system! Pure harassment, GET A LIFE YOU LOSERS!!!!
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They claimed it was from treasury dept. and that I'll get a refund check, provided I'll give personal information. BS
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Party called me saying they wanted to send me a new medicare care but needed my checking account number
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TD canada trust about lost or stolen cards
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ready to drive to CA:

I've been getting harassed by this phone number. They claim that i applied for an auto loan. Call back and say I applied for a payday loan, then threaten me with a lawsuit for a bad check. Told them to take me off of whatever list they are using. Still calling. Time to file a complaint(once the FTC is back at work) and sue these bastards! They are located in CA. Ready to drive there and confront these bastards!!!!
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Major harassment. Threatening calls. Calling twice a day to a disabled persons phone
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These Jamaicans keep calling from various numbers claiming that I have won millions. BEWARE-----------
After trying to get me to pay $500 for delivery of new Mercedes, and 3.4 mil., I put deterrent methods on my phone to stop these calls, but the method that I used was frustrating and a hassle for friends and family. as soon as i took the procedure off...they have started calling from this number...previously they were calling from the (876) area codes.....these are the same voices on all calls. The names used is Mr. Fisher, Omar Lee, Frank walker. They claim to be from the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas, Bank of America, The Federal Trade Commission, The FBI.
We can turn the tables on them by repeatedly calling them with nonsense. Give this number to ALL of your friends...lets harass them to DEATH!
The call came from the number listed above, but the message requested that I call 213-283-7415............Thanks.
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AM Kugel:

A man called to ask if I received an invitation from Nicole Curtis with the HGTV show Rehab addict. This is a total scam of some sort. Very odd. According to the nice people who support her web page, this has nothing to do with her. SCAM/SPAM
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Calling saying that they have my name social and DOB
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i want to know who's number that is
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Kept noticing caller ID showing up from 1-414-224-3581, never left a message on my home phone answering machine...I was always at work. Took the day off, enjoying my morning, when I received a call a little after 11am from this phone number. Answered it and went to a recording looking for my ex-mother-in-law at my home phone number! (Background story: I have been divorced for over 16 years, she has never lived with me at my home address or home phone number, and my ex-spouse has never lived with me at this house or at this home phone number. Yet this company is calling me?). I waited for the representative to answer, it was with "Professional Placement Services." I explained I am not my ex-mother-in-law, she has never lived at my home, she has never had this phone number and I've been divorced for over 16 years...the Hispanic-accented "lady" was rude to me for even explaining why I didn't want the company calling my house and why were they wanting my ex-mother-in-law...she said she can't give out my ex-mother-in-law's information (Note: their is an option # 3 on the company's recording at the initial call asking if you are not ____ _____ and could take a message. So now she can't give me any information? Hmmm.) Explained I'm on the do-not-call-list and she was so sarcastic, really made me mad to have some company invade my privacy on MY day off in MY home and treat me poorly over the phone. She hung up on me. I called the company back, spoke with a different representative, "Linda Washington" (if that was her real name) said the other lady removed my phone number already? But when "Linda Washington" answered the phone she asked if I was _____ _____ (my ex-mother-in-law) so how could they have removed my phone number if they still have that wrong information attached to my phone number (and they have caller ID I suppose). Still no apology from these people! I asked to speak to her supervisor, she sais his name is "Jeff Hansen," if that is really a person but sent me straight to his voicemail. I left my complaint, explained the same as I told the first representative who hung up on me, and no apology from either of his representatives of his company! I demanded a call back and an apology. Do I expect a call, no, not really. But I'm contacting my Arkansas State Attorney General's office today as I've had all of our phone numbers (home and cell phone numbers) on
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Received a call this morning from a "Yolannda", starts off her message as if we were just the best of friends or as if I JUST WON a brand new car (like on the Price is Right game show). This is a credit collection agency! starts off all sweet for the message ( I will not answer calls from numbers I don't know-that call a cell phone) the turns to a tone and states "it's in YOUR best INTEREST to call ME back today"...ok, don't have a clue who this Premium Asset Services company or PAS is (had to google the previous number to find this out-FYI, that number is 855-895-9005 for this same person), as I certainly have never gotten any paperwork from these people showing a declaration for a "debt I owe nod need to pay them for..NOW". These people leave threatening messages, are extremely rude, just fall short of breaking the law----and this is via a MESSAGE!!
Such fun knowing that in this country, we have companies like this. Instead of inventing a new product or car, this country invents places where people get paid for what I would deem "road rage behavior"..?
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This number is a Trunk / Main line from the offices of the State of New Jersey in Newark. The call can come from any of a number of departments located there. The calls are likely legitimate.
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I received the call at 10:15AM; the caller did not leave a message which made me suspicious. I have no idea who this is; there kinds of calls are very irritating to say the least.
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225-372-3505 - Just called our business, yet AGAIN. That makes call number 12! They keep calling asking for the person who handles our credit card processing for our business. Since we use Square, we have NO need for what they are offering. The majority of our sales are paid via either personal check or cash, so having an actual machine and paying a monthly fee to some company makes NO financial sense. We politely informed them of this, and yet they kept chugging along with their little monkey with a script spiel. Since we record all incoming calls, and we informed the caller of that, a copy of the call is going to be provided directly to the FCC.gov as well as to the Louisiana Attorney General's Office. The little monkey with a script was extremely rude, refused to remove our number from their call list, and told us to "go F ourselves". Yes, I sincerely think that we WILL be reporting this company.
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Company calling is LCN, and says they can save you money on auto insurance. Call number will be blocked, but if you say you're not there, the person you talk to will give you this number for you to call back.
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We are Diversified Consultants. We are an abusive debt collection company that recycles phone numbers in order to confuse people that do not answer the phone. We will verify your address and call the neighbors, often leaving abusive messages for you in order to intimidate you into calling us back and paying your Medical bill.
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Keith Allen:

After I call the number back I get a busy signal
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skeptical thinker:

Caller ID said "US GOVT"
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Keith Allen:

No experience they just keep calling
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Keith Allen:

Want to know who this is
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Called promptly at 8AM. We work nights so we were asleep at 8AM. The person they were calling may be awake. Somewhere.