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Hey just tried to this with us. Do not listen to anything he says
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i told them to f ***k off
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i keep getting this number too it is very annoying
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This is a scam. It is a company who pretends to have you prequalified for a loan but in truth what they are doing is phising for your personal information (ie) SS#, DOB, Address, Full Name. Once they have that you have just had your identity stolen. HANG UP IMMEDIATELY!!!
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Had this # call me 10 minutes before I went on my lunch break at work on my personal cell phone. when I called back, it was an automated message that said to push 1 to redeem my rewards card. (I currently had 2 cards from sprint on the way. I assumed maybe it was complications with that) when I pushed 1, some Indian, with Terrible English answered, and first off asked me for my name. I told him my name, then he jumped right into whats my birthday? I told him before I give him my information I need to know what company this is for. he said I had visited a website or something? (he had TERRIBLE english)so again, I asked are you with at
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Called and hung up
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Exactly the same is happening to me from both numbers. The 087 number is from India and the 031 number shows it is from Durban, but the number is not registered? They are bugging me as well. I saved both numbers as Stalker 1 and Stalker 2, not to waist my time to answer the calls.Some days up to 3-4 times.
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Same as Gary. Caller asking about a call posted on craigslist for two days a month prior to the call. These idiots will stop people from using craigslist. I cannot imagine anyone desperate enough to do business with them, however, there are many fools.
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l hartwell:

Do not use this bunch. CROOKS Do not finish job. Will not return phone calls.TERRIBLE
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I received the same text messages when try sell my car
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I receive a phone call from this number every day to the point that I get very frustrated. The call will come in with an automatic lady's voice saying "Hello.." and drop off. Imagine when you get this a few times a day, 30 days a month....and there is no way for my phone to block this number.
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Taw thar:

I got call from this number but no answer it might be scam.
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Just recieved a call from this number yesterday and was told I was a "serial offender" and owed over $7000 for payday loans taken out last year. I've never had a payday loan. When I said I needed to speak to my husband and I would call them back, the rude man "Michael Bernstein" started screaming at me so I hung up. As I was trying to call my husband, "Mr. Bernstein proceeded to call me 8 times in a row, and left me a message saying that I had a mental issue and he was forwarding my information to the county clerk's office to file a law suit. My husband called the clerk's office and was told this was a scam and the've recieved 6 calls already this week about the same people.
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Robo call. Starts out with "This is not a sales call. That you live in an area with a high rate of crime and a friend gave them your phone number. That I was entitled to a free home security system. I then hung up, nothing is free, and probably another scam seeking information.Like the free health monitoring bracelet for those who were over 60.
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Stupid Yankee stock broker with an attitude. Whatever company this is - of course he didn't have the guts to tell me - should have charges pressed against them
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Three rings and hangs up. @ every hour or so.

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J Schaefer:

This is a fax telemarketer from YOW Canada.
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I have had a few calls from this number and today a man was asking for Mr Price and kept saying Mr Price are you there? He didn't realize he was talking to an answering machine. I do not answer if I do not know the caller. No name on caller ID just then nember
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Brett O:

The people calling from 866-873-9774 are debt collecting scam artists. they are not legit. They have done the same thing with me.. My wife has a payday loan with checkNGo and due to not getting my taxes back like originally thought was not able to pay back the few payday loans my wife and I have, now we have a child and are unable to pay. We are filing for bancruptsy to get rid of all this debt... 866-873-9774 calls me 5 or more times a day, half the time the number is there and half the life the guy calls from a blocked number.. He tells my wife that he wants our address so he can serve us papers for a check fraud debt, and refuses to give out his name or job title, and gets very offensive when we ask saying he doesn't have to give us anything.

He tells us to contact a law firm at 866-873-9774 and gives us a claim number. Note that if he was a legit debt collector by law he has to give his name.. When we call the 866 number and give them our claim # they tell us they are collecting on a debt and we can either make a payment by debit card or they demand us to give them our address so they can serve us court papers. We asked them to send us a proof of debt verification letter in the mail outlining the debt we owe and they refused saying if we want the information they have to come to our front door or place of employment to serve us the papers.. THIS IS ILLEGAL! By law if you ask for a debt verification letter if they are a legit payday lender or debt collector they MUST send you a verification letter in the mail, in which you have 30 days to respond to why you are not paying.. They also refuse to give us their address.. They have been calling our friends and family members (how they got their info we have no idea), telling them that we owe debt and if we do not want to go to court and face jail time we must give them our address immediately.. THIS IS ALSO IILEGAL. By law a debt collector may not contact friends or family and tell them that you owe debt.. Threatening jail time is also illegal.. Do this.. Write down all of their information you can possibly acquire, which would be the phone number and if possible the number and name of the "Law Firm" the fake collector is trying to get you to contact.. And trust me the law firm he or she wants you to contact is indeed fake..

Report their names and numbers to the FTC and your states district attorney general.. Go to debtcollectorshateus.com and give them the entire story, if they are doing a
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Nelson Beltran:

Someone from this number 313-483-8223 called and there was NO DIAL TONE!!!! This is irritating.
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SCAMMERS - Trying to get you to send money through Western Union, the number is out of the Folsom Area......BEWARE
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find who called me
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called asked for a person who lives here...that person doesn;t know anyone in louisiana...he spoke with a heavy indian accent
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Glass Mountain Capital...debt collectors
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please check ho callng me?
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Craigslist scammer
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CCA collector
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Sas C:

Verizon Wireless
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I got a call this morning. I answered and got no response. The number showed it was from Butler, KY.
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Car Seller on Craig's:

This call was a scam to buy my car sight unseen and send a bogus money order.
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5:30AM call this morning
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Not Commonwealth Bank - telemarketers selling insurance, using the acronym "CBA". Very very sneaky. Also, you can't call the 02 number back - it's not a real phone number, it must route from a totally different number.