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This company is a total joke. The guy on the other end of the line is extremely rude and called after I specifically told them woman not to call again just this morning. Obviously he's desperate to sell his product (Fake Medicare - almost as bad as ambulance chasers) and acts like a little girl when he doesn't get his way. Don't answer the call and deal with this company - they're PATHETIC. You know the drill - they'll call to talk about the Medicare that you don't get so they can magically get you on it even after you tell the person on the other line to take you OFF THEIR LIST.
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not sure who they are.
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Dave Orland Park, IL:

Dave Orland Park, IL reported 281-966-5793: “ROBO CALLER SCAMMER / FRAUDSTER. No Message and does not answer return call. SCAMMER / FRAUDSTER”
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This was not a caller. She emailed me from 2817344420@vzwpix.com and when I replied and asked who she is and where she got my email address, she said she's Baby Jen, attached a picture of someone I don't know or recognize and said she got my email cause she's a baller. That email address im using is for my business, I never gave it to any of my friends outside business. Weird.
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Dave Orland Park, IL:

ROBO CALLER does not leave a message. CID: 888-266-8489, TOLL FREE. Return call: AVIVA PO Box 1555, DesMoines, IA 50306. Selling insurance of some kind. SCAMMER / FRAUDSTER
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I get this call every few months, but the person states that are from Anchor Bank. I never answer and never call back. The number that pops up on my caller id is from a sub shop in Florida and does not match this 854-6565 number.

I figure if it is really that important and it is really someone trying to contact me about my student loans they would have mailed me something by now requesting I contact them since I have not returned/answered any of their phone calls.
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The number does not leave a message, but if you call back it wants to tell you they can save you money on auto insurance.
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I did not answer and they did not leave a message
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Irritating caller
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I did some further research and found the following info: Telcove Operations, Inc. is formerly known as Adelphia Business Solutions Operations, Inc. d/b/a TelCove

Founded in 1991, TelCove is a leading provider of business critical telecommunications services that offers enterprise companies and carriers superior Internet, Data, and Voice solutions via its reliable and secure metropolitan and intercity fiber optic network to 70 markets throughout the eastern half of the United States.

Our vast, interconnected, and fully redundant SONET-based network consists of over 22,000 route miles of local and long haul fiber, providing our customers with an unsurpassed infrastructure to transport their vital communications.

TelCove’s around the clock monitoring and maintenance of its network provides customers with the availability, security, and reliability they demand in a telecommunications provider. As a result, we are privileged to have over 14,000 customers who value our network as a differentiator to that of our competitors and who view our telecom products as superior to the commodity-based products offered by others.

To learn more about why so many enterprises and communications carriers are choosing TelCove, or to contact a local representative near you, please call 1.866.TelCove.

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Indian guy "Johny Hua", fake accent, acting like a immigration agent claiming he has a warrant against my name. I need to wire him fines and penalties otherwise he'll send cops to my address. LOL.
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I continue to receive calls from this number on a daily basis and they never leave a message. If anyone has information, can you please share? All I know is that they are located out of Blountville, TN and use a landline phone and their carrier is Telcove Operations, Inc.
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This is State Farm. Usually related to a homeowner's claim.
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Very rude, will not leave a message. Hung up on me.
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mrs ruiz:

I get a call everyday at the same time and no one speaks! Annoying
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its just DTE calling to see how the service rep. did with the home visit like if they were professional courteous stuff like that.
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Dave Orland Park, IL:

SPAM ROBO CALLER. CID: 971-208-9936 - ASIA PACIFIC. Called twice today 07/31/13. Calling on a regular basis and does not leave a message. Return call, NUMBER IS NOT ALOCATTED. What does that mean? SCAMMER / FRAUDSTER.
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I also got a call from this number. they called one ring and than hang up - from what I saw on line its a scam!!
dont call back
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I just received a call from this number. No voicemail was left. I tried calling back only to get a busy signal.
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John in Ohio:

Got call from same number, called himself Steve with Service Fleet. Had my truck number, claimed to be one of my local service providers in Beaverdam OH and was successful in getting a money code. Of course he did no work for us. Cashed money code in Beaverdam OH,he split the code between the Pilot and the Flying J. The unit number he gave my dispatch did fuel in Beaverdam 2 hours before so he had my truck and trailer number and location of unit.
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David smith:

This guy named dale melrose is calling about a flight attendant job with novomatic on Craig's list Memphis asking you to pay half of air fare out to California .. People do not send this butt hole any money it's a scam ..
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Collect call from Macomb Co jail. Just hang up.
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This is a follow-up to the 1st entry. I called the number back and I got a recording with an Indian woman's voice that repeated over and over, "Thank you for calling. We are experiencing high call volumes at this time. An agent will be with you shortly." No one ever answered and I doubt they were going to or experiencing high call volumes. After a couple of minutes of the message repeating, the phone cut off.
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His name was Ted he said he works for CCS said I own money 750.00
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I let the phone recorder answer it and they hung up.
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Kathy A.:

Millenium Termite
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Spam/Scam caller. Heavy Indian accent states to be an officer or calling from a legal dept collecting on a loan. DO NOT SEND MONEY! Calls originate in 90013 zip code. Get a life dude. I'm going to post this info anywhere I can.
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I received a call from this number and the caller spoke Spanish; they hung up. This is a landline that goes directly to voice mail when you call.
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Tammy Branham:

They keep sending messages.
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Missed call, no message, called back, scam cash from home offer. Reported to FTC.
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who is this
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Intento hacerme creer que llamaba de Telcel y el motivo era para bajar mi renta mensual. Me dio algunos datos personales, los cuales negue porque cuando intento darme un detalle de mis consumos fue ambiguo. Me comunique con la compañia e interpuse una queja. Por lo pronto bloquee el numero para que no me moleste.
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Calls several times a day leaves no messages..when I answer the phone they don't respond...sick of this!
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James Martin:

I've had Three calls since July 23-July 31, 2013
They say, "Your Home is in Forcloser, Some one will be changing the locks, If you need a addital Four months, press Nine


I just got out of open Heart sergery, when I herd this it could have killed me.
I would like to see this person behind Bars ......
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It's Telus. This is the number they use to set up appointments when you order service from themjd