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THEIR NUMBER WAS CHANGED TO 888.857.3945 (713.774.4800, 713.774.4801) and head scammer Michael EMORETH Arnold moved to Katy Texas from California to be close to his booty buddy and continue their scam in the same office at 10333 Harwin drive suite 170 Houston Texas 77036 ... they don't use their real names ... their real names are Michael EMORETH Arnold and Michael Alan Dirksen...THROW IT AWAY and don't pay it. THEY ARE LIARS AND DECEPTIVE AND HAVE BEEN SUED BY ANOTHER COMPANY IN COLORADO (superior medical) for pretending to be them and for ripping them off. you can find a copy of that lawsuit online in (justia.com) legal website or google superior medical company versus superior medical inc. They run a scam and never use their real names. REPORT THEM TO THE FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION, DISTRICT ATTORNEY, US GOVERNMENT AND BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU AND LET'S GET THESE LOSERS SHUR DOWN FOR GOOD. They have been accusing McKesson of doing the scam and telling all of McKessons customers that they are being scammed by McKesson when in reality it is Michael EMORETH Arnold and Michael Dirksen who's doing the scamming. www.riveramedicalcompany.com is their new website which went up a week ago.
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mrs v:

Called my cell phone @9:30 p.m. @ night. would not say anything when I answered the phone. I called the number back and the voice mail stated the mailbox was full. I have blocked them from calling my cell.
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caller ID says Ennis TX , didn't leave msg
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Dave Orland Park, IL:

ROBO CALLER did not leave a message. CID: 262-990-9096, Anonymous. Consider a SCAMMER / FRAUDSTER
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Someone called and left a message, but they thought they were talking to me instead of my voicemail. They offered me a huge TV package for Dish Network. they claim to have the best deals for TV viewing. I called the number back and let them know that my husband is an installer for Dish Network and he will forward their number to his supervisors in the morning.......they disconnected the call after that.
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Time Warner Cable "reminder call" for tomorrow's installation appointment.
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I've received a call from this number twice today and no one was there.
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I just received a phone call from this number and no one says anything on the other end
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I received a call from a Randhir Kang at this number (408)503-6352 at my place of employment yesterday. He is claiming that I owe for a PayDay loan thru National Loans in the amount of $300. I tried to get information as to when was I given that loan in my account. He told me that he could not tell me until I went to court. He read me the waiver and asked that I not interrup him. I grudgingly let him go on. When I asked him to email a copy of the signed paperwork he stated that he could only fax me a copy of the statement. He was getting very very short with me. I then advised him to "Cease and Desist" calling me at my work phone number. I tried to get as much information from him. But-He was getting very upset with me when I asked the questions. He threatened me with a Lawsuit in the amount of $7,985 for us going to court and that I would end up in jail. His tone was very very threatening.

He just called me again today. I truly believe that this is a scam. And I believe it with all my heart. I did request a copy of the bill/invoice for the money but all he sent me was a letter stating that I owed the money and for how much. I requested for a 2nd time that He Cease and Desist calling me at work. I went on about why my attorney would not call them to discuss the situation. He was starting to get rude. Soooo Before it could go on any further I reminded him that this is a 2nd Cease and Desist request to now call me at work. I then politely hung up because he had called me at work. I do not think he was paying attention about the Cease and Desist. Advised him that he was doing things illegally against the WA State code. He did not seem to care.
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Asked for a name that I did not know
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They don't want to give any info who they are. They also use 866-314-3237
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A guy named Derek called but didn't leave his company or purpose in voicemail (very unprofessional). I called him back and wouldn't give him my name until he told me what he wanted. He was selling private jet services for jets.com.
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No reply or response when I answered the phone.
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K H:

Missed 2 calls from this number. I attempted to call back, but got recording saying this number is no longer in service. I would like to know how you can make outgoing calls from a disconnected number !!
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Bob Goldwath:

Unsolicited call asking me to switch my credit card processor for my business. how they knew my current processor's business name, I do not know...
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Number called me a few minutes ago. Voice was very distorted and said what I think was "squack" and hung up.
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Calls two to three times a day even after I asked them to stop!!!yvnw53
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It's the Fremont County Correctional Facility. Someone trying to call you from there.
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Daily 2-3 times don't answer, no message ; no call back.
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They call me in Spanish. They ask for a Senor . . . When I say I don't speak Spanish, they sometimes hang up, sometimes say "I'm sorry" in English and hang up, and sometimes yell at me before hanging up. This has been going on for a month. Once in a while they use another phone number. They call early and late, and everything in between.
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When I called this phone number back two minutes after they called it stated the phone has been disconnected.
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Calls over and over. Leaves no message.
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Has called three times over the last three days. Leaves a blank 6 second voicemail. I will answer next to see who the heck it is. I live in Minnesota and the caller is from New York. I think my wife has been getting the same caller on her phone.
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no caller Id just phone call then hang up.
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tin lizzie:

Called and nobody on the other end. Prob a scam.
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Robo call. Cross-border criminal organization. Fake products or services offered result in credit card theft.
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Calls over and over. Someone please make them stop.
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Rebecca D.:

Just got this call at 11:10 am on Wed., July 10th. A young guy (sounded all American) asked for my father. I told him he wasn't available could I help him. Then he thought I was his wife I said no daughter. I then asked what are you calling about he said Vehicle Processing and said I'll call back later and hung up on me. GRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!! Very disrespectful! HATE these kinds of calls. America has too many of these stinkin calls! LORD HELP US from these all day long!
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They keep leaving a recorded message on my work voicemail from a man who sounds extremely bored with his job. I managed to reach them once and they were looking for someone who hasn't worked here in 10 years. They said they'd take this number out of their system but I keep getting calls and they never pick up when I call back. I think they're a collection agency-- I believe they're a legitimate business, but they have very poor business practices and it's very harassing.
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Calls todays in a row. No one on the other end and they hang up.
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It's a staffing company. A recruiter called me about a job opportunity.
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Not Ruth:

These people have been calling my phone for two years looking for Ruth Livingston. Ruth Livingston pay your bills or at least give out a correct phone number!
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This is Rooms To Go. They call from this number to confirm delivery dates for furniture you've purchased in the store.
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which code is this
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just to know
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dont answer:

I get a daily call from this number. I don't answer.