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caller left no message on my voice mail
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sue michaels:

She's super cool - that's all I know
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I received the same msg about some jewelry. Thank you for the info!!
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I just got a call from this number. The caller said he was calling from the United States Grants Department. I told him there was no such thing, and that my number is on the do not call list and he needed to take my phone number off his list and never call me again. He insisted that he was calling from a legitimate branch of the federal government and started into his spiel about that I had qualified for money. I again told him there is no such agency and he needed to take my phone number off his call list. He started talking loudly over me to continue with his spiel and to insist that he is calling from the United States Federal Government Grants Department. I hung up at this point and blocked the number through my phone provider.

I've never had a solicitor/scam that was so insistent on sticking with their spiel even after I tell them that my number is on the do not call list. Usually this will end the call.

I was shocked when he continued despite the fact that I made it clear that I knew he was not calling from a legitimate company/branch of government and that this call constituted a scam. Makes me think that these scammers are really bold and will go to greater lengths to scam people than many other scammers/solicitors will. Be smart and beware--don't be a sucker!!!
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Horrible pushy fellow saying he knows me. Poor English skills using an old telemarketing tool script from the 80's, I politely said not interested and he called back6 times to argue with me and call my staff names. Don't see how that put any money in his pocket,just a sad joke boiler room.
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I have started a website about this scam. Check it out at scamfrom727-202-1062.weebly.com
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they call and hang up when you call back they breath into the phone and don't say anything.
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I received a call from 202-558-4604 & a man identified himself as being from the US Justic dept. He told me to call 917-934-3331 to claim $2.5 million prize.I called the number & realized it was a scam and never gave the man at 917-934-3331 time to tell me how much money I had to give him in order to claim my prize money.The man from 202-558-4604 even gave me a claim number.Saturday A.M. my wife called both numbers pretending to have wrong numbers. Both numbers were answered by men with heavy accents. Summary 2 men using 2 phone numbers, 1 claiming to be from dept of justice to make the scam appear legitimate.
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American Kidney Fund
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Scam. Representing a company "National ..." offering to sell your RV.
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Left no message. Called back special promotions.
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Greg B:

ADT alarm company calling to give me a free alarm, and sell me monthly monitoring.
I told him that using a fake number on a call display is a federal offense in Canada. He said no it wasn't.
I said that calling someone on the Do Not Call list is also an offense. (I *am* on the DNCL)
He said ADT had the CRTC take me off the DNCL so they could make the call, then they would put me back on it later. I asked who else had the authority to do that. He said no one. ADT was the only company allowed to make the CRTC change the DNCL.
Eventually, I agreed to take the "free" alarm system and installation and would pay nothing and he hung up on me.
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Call Type: 100% SCAMMER/THIEF! Called US today (7/5/13) @4:12pm; Caller ID said "Local Call" even though we are FIVE states, 11 hours and an entire TIME ZONE away! Do they think we are STUPID??? Wasn't home; no message on machine.

I would block this number, but (1) my call blocker is FULL and (2) they will just CHANGE their SPOOFED number tomorrow or next week, anyway - and TRY TO SCAM and BOTHER us again.

IF THE GOVERNMENT IS TRACKING ALL OUR CALLS in the name of "PROTECTION" - *TRACING* those calls to supposed terrorists - THEN WHY CAN'T THEY TRACK DOWN THE SOURCES of THESE CALLS and SHUT THEM DOWN???? Answer: They COULD if they WANTED to, but SOME FAT CAT that gives all kinds of $$$ to the Politicians (BOTH Parties) is BEHIND THIS getting even more FILTHY Rich.

WHEN are we going to TAKE BACK our RIGHTS and our COUNTRY??? So much for 'Happy July 4th."
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Gentleman called telling me he is apart of an insurance agency and he wanted to get me a better quote for my car. He then asked what insurance agency I was with and I said Farmers. Then I asked promptly after that who was he and what agency he works for and he said "Come on quit being so difficult" I then said F off and hung up the phone. Obviously he was out for a scam on me. I'm too smart for that.
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Ms Irritated:

Mr Brady called me saying I owed for an old gym membership that I canceled 2 years ago! I tried to explain that I canceled in the proper manner, (written notice and 1 month fee) and he says that he is going to report this $300!! debt to my credit report immediately and file a summons with the courts and charge me attorney fees because I am refusing to pay, and that, THAT will get my attention. Then hung up on me!

You know why they call from blocked numbers right? to make it impossible to show the number of harassing calls! this is dumb.

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i answered the phone call and after several attempts to make them understand i wasn't the person they were asking for. the person or telemarketer went bonkers and stated that she was a member of a radicalized muslim group that is in Austin, Texas and was going to find my address to blow my house up. crazy stuff if you ask me... what's wrong with people now a days. i hanged up on her. phone number that appeared on my i.D. caller: (512) 651-9084.
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potential Remedy?:

I don't answer calls from numbers I don't know.

It is best to not even answer any call from an unrecognized number. If it is important, someone will leave a message or call back.

The simple fact that you answered the call lets the sender know that it is a valid number and they sell it. They do not even have to be selling a valid product. If you press any key, then they know it is a valid number and if you say anything, especially if it is offensive, then you guarantee that your number will be sold.

About 5 months ago, I stopped answering calls from unknown numbers and I have seen a distinct decrease in all calls even valid commercial ones. I used to receive about 2 - 3 calls a day and now it is down to about 1 a week.

Records are being kept that increase the validity of your number being active based on the number of times you have answered these phishing calls. Those numbers with the highest connect rate net the most profit for the phishers and are highly prized for the commercial industry.

To stop the calls, DON'T ANSWER THEM!
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JA Thompson:

Community Builders in Tulsa, OK called. I'd signed up for a free estimate for siding/windows at a home fair. They keep calling even though I told them I'm not looking currently.
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They are from Bongo, a checkout service for online retail website software. Woke me up at 6:30 in the morning because they are too stupid to realize that the US has more than one time zone.

Don't know how they got my number.
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called my US T-Mobile cell at 8:30AM on a Friday. Was an automated call, telling me the call was for 'the person with authority to pay the bills'.
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Lady left message asking for questions regarding resume. Didn't sound right. Others who talked to callers say they're trying to recruit door to door sales people for American Income. Beware.
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Monica Villasanz:

A gentlemen named Paul called 1 1/2 later after applying for a loan online. This gentlemen said I was approved for 3,200 and made sure I had account to transfer my loan into. He repeated all the information back t me on the application I had filled out on online. He had my placed of employment and all my personal information. He said I needed to purchase a green dot card and apply my first intial payment towards my account he said my funds would transfer into my account within 15 minutes after verifying the 160.00 on the green dot card. Called back on 07/03/2013 and asked him where the loan was at, he said funding department was closed due to holiday being the following day. He asked me to wait until Friday. I called back this morning being Friday 07/05/2013 talked to the guy named Paul said department had told her my credit was bad and was asking me to pay 10 percent of what the were lending me. I told him that is not what he told me on Wed when he asked to pay the 160.00 he guaranteed me the loan. This is the biggest scam ever and now this person has al my info and stayed with my 160.00.
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A Mr. Brady called wanting to talk to an individual that did not live in this home. I told him I had never heard of him before. He stated his information stated that the individual lived at this phone number (interesting). I informed him the name was close and if he was looking for my son he did not live here. He stated he was conducting a background check and that he either needed a number to contact him (I said no) or that I should contact him immediately. He was pretty pushy and was trying to sound official and tough. Since I come from a law enforcement family I would love to see what he would do if one of my family members made an official call to his number.
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The call is from GE Money. The calls are for debt collection.
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No caller ID, doesn't leave message. I have NO outstanding bills. This type of calling is highly annoying!!!!!!
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said his name is Mr. Castle from FDA/Food and Drug Admin in Washington DC building #4 same scam as always, don't call him back but do report that number to the real FDA
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please send location and detail
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I just got a call from this person, i answered and they asked if it was me and then i said yes (stupid iknow) then i herd a deep scary voice then it hung up i called back but they never answed it said the person was from Naples, FL this is creeping me out
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Nobody worth anything! Bryan James
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Captain Revenge:

It's Elk's Children's Camp asking for money.

The lady is super aggressive and rude, no regard to the no call list. She has called me three times, cannot seem to keep track of who she has already called.

If you hang up on her she will phone you back and press buttons in your ear. No kidding.

If you call her she will hang up on you. It's nasty.

I have reported her to Elks thinking they should know their callers are so awful. Also, it's illegal to call people on the do not call list AND also illegal to use a home number for telemarketing purposes. Telus cannot shut her down because her number, though originally a Telus exchange, has recently been ported to another carrier.
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