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A Mr. Brady called wanting to talk to an individual that did not live in this home. I told him I had never heard of him before. He stated his information stated that the individual lived at this phone number (interesting). I informed him the name was close and if he was looking for my son he did not live here. He stated he was conducting a background check and that he either needed a number to contact him (I said no) or that I should contact him immediately. He was pretty pushy and was trying to sound official and tough. Since I come from a law enforcement family I would love to see what he would do if one of my family members made an official call to his number.
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The call is from GE Money. The calls are for debt collection.
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No caller ID, doesn't leave message. I have NO outstanding bills. This type of calling is highly annoying!!!!!!
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said his name is Mr. Castle from FDA/Food and Drug Admin in Washington DC building #4 same scam as always, don't call him back but do report that number to the real FDA
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please send location and detail
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I just got a call from this person, i answered and they asked if it was me and then i said yes (stupid iknow) then i herd a deep scary voice then it hung up i called back but they never answed it said the person was from Naples, FL this is creeping me out
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Nobody worth anything! Bryan James
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Captain Revenge:

It's Elk's Children's Camp asking for money.

The lady is super aggressive and rude, no regard to the no call list. She has called me three times, cannot seem to keep track of who she has already called.

If you hang up on her she will phone you back and press buttons in your ear. No kidding.

If you call her she will hang up on you. It's nasty.

I have reported her to Elks thinking they should know their callers are so awful. Also, it's illegal to call people on the do not call list AND also illegal to use a home number for telemarketing purposes. Telus cannot shut her down because her number, though originally a Telus exchange, has recently been ported to another carrier.
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8667989824. Somebody claiming to be jeremy Smith calls all day and all night. He leaves long message that sound very official and wants me to call and tell him abut somebody I dont know. I called the police and they said I can call the attorny general so I did. I filled out a form and I hope they arrest this Jermy Smith. I am on the National Do Not Call list from the governemnt and he cant call me any more. 8667989824 might be a skip trace or something. Dont talk to them and call the police.
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called back. The company is called "cost recovery corporation, this call may be recorded", then disconnected
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Dave Orland Park, IL:

ROBO CALLER calling daily, today 07/04/13, 10:33am. Did not leave a message. CID: 727-239-4821, Clearwater, FL. Consider a SCAMMER / FRAUDSTER
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It is Harry Styles from the band One direction's Number
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Telus reassigned to us a number that previously belonged to a woman who owed a lot of money. We have been following her debts as collection companies transfer her file from one low-life operation to an even-lower form of telephone scum. 866-401-5559 seems to live near the bottom of the debt-collection cesspool.

I think that these collectors must be in the Eastern or Central time zone because we have started getting calls from them at 8AM in the Pacific time zone.
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Dave Orland Park, IL:

ROBO CALLER with a message about Home Alarm and Security System. CID: 630-446-0737, Name: ANONYMOUS. SCAMMER / FRAUDSTER
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Dave Orland Park, IL:

ROBO CALLER from Florida. Did not leave a message. CID: 727-239-4821, Clearwater, FL. Consider a SCAMMER / FRAUDSTER
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I want to know the company name?
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Called. No message. No info on google about this number.
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Not sure it's a debt collector, but suspect it is. Several days in a row some guy calls asking for Robert somebody. I tell him no Robert here on the first call. On the second call I tell him I've had this (cell) number for ten years with no Robert connected to it in anyway. Third time I say, you've called me before. Stop calling! This most recent time it's a woman. She doesn't ask for Robert. I couldn't hear her first because the TV was loud. I asked her to hold on while I turn it down. I get back on phone and say, "go ahead". She asks my name. I don't say. I just ask who she is. She says she's calling about an account at Wells Fargo. To save a hassle I tell her wrong number... there's no Robert here. By this time I'm pretty pissed off and am yelling at her, telling take my name off your call list. etc. and hang up. Now, I've blocked them.
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The people at 866-317-5534 are INCREDIBLY ANNOYING. They keep CALLING, CALLING, and CALLING. Is this ever going to stop?

And this seems to be a truly brain-dead excercise, since they not willing to disclose what their purpose is. Only that they want one to call 847-227-2150, a Lurie hospital charity.

Charity or not charity. I WON'T surrender to their thugish imposition.
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Scammer trying to get my credit card information. Wanted to charge several hundred dollars to my credit card, and made up some story about how I'm going to get it back several times over. We would split the money. When I told him no, guy got very upset and started cussing, yelling, etc. Said he would come to my house and burn my house down. I told him thank you, I haven't laughed like that in a while.
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This place/people have been calling my work phone every half hour, then turning around calling my cellphone immediately right after for the past week. They never leave a message or anything, stating who they are and what the call is pretaining to.
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this is BULLS****:

I paid off the debt that I owed which was in collections and was supposed to get a letter in the mail stating its been paid in full. I have yet to receive this "letter" I've called back the number they called me from and waited 10+ minutes for jack spit. so I then looked up the "law firm" online and wont send me to a correct site for them. I called these "lawyers" and second ring on all numbers I contact that is associated with them sent me to voicemail. finally left voice mail. I have yet to receive a call back or I will be contacting my own ACTUAL lawyers and seek legal action to get my money back from these a*holes! I didn't pay this spit off for nothing!!!!
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Allied Interstate LLC, a collection agency
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This number calls me multiple times a day.
Never leaves a message.
Not sure who it is.
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This is OCS America. A freight forwarding company.
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They have called me twice and won't leave a voicemail. I don't answer unknown numbers.
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Spam Hater:

Revenue Group
3700 Park E Dr #240 Beachwood, OH 44122
(216) 763-2100
(216) 763-1371
(866) 956-6283
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Calls numerous times a day. Never leaves a message.
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Corredtion: The NEVER leave a message on the machine.
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Get a call every day from this number. I never ans. They they leave a message on the machine. Sounds like a good relationship to me. I will never leave a number on DNC list. Bokus. I think those who get some sort of high from just dialing numbers, or letting their computers do it, has access to this DNC deal, and they just like to get "higher". Besides, the govt. could care less. All they want on their data base is a "vote", and they get appear to be stealing more than phone numbers from us. How are we going to get help from the ones who are doing it in the first place?? "What up America".