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Man w/heavy East Indian accent claimed to be a rep of Microsoft; said my PC had serious problems & to turn on my PC so he could help me fix the problems.

When asked to provide information that would verify the authenticity of his claim to be a Microsoft rep, he hung up. (Before I could say, "DO NOT CALL ME AGAIN.")

I have researched this number and this scam has been going on for a minimum of several months. These CYBER THUGS need to be stopped as I am sure there are some naive people who would give them access to their PCs & then either have their PCs messed up or their private information stolen.
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Connected to operator to tell them to take me off call list. She sounded drunk (I'm not kidding) and asked how old I was. I responded and told her to take me off the call list and she said that I sounded so beautiful. I said thanks, take me off the call list. She stammered and said Uh I guess that's what I'm here for. I asked her to verify that I was off the list and she said she wanted to call me every day because I sounded so beautiful. I asked to speak to her supervisor. She started apologizing and even though I kept asking for a supervisor started saying Please No Ma'am. She stayed on the line for a moment asking me not to ask for a supervisor and then told me Good-bye. I said don't ever call here again and she hung up.
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trans world systems. Collection agency. http://www.transworldsystems.com/
They like to call really early in the morning!
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Texts me, then won't answer back.
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discharge specialist for oxford health plans.
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When I answered a recording told me to hold then plays music - I immediately hung up.
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today i had misscall from +881-835-2120 also. I dont know that who?
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In had a call from this number about energy saver light globes and tv stand by shutoff. A free service provided by our government.
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Claimed I had a debt from 2000. They didn't have the right name for my cell number. Threateni.g legal action. I hung up.
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Person (male) asking to speak with Julio.
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Please loose my number
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Randy Crosetto:

Called me 5 times in one day with no message.

Tried to call number but it says it is disconnected
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London & London is a debt collector. Among others, they do a lot of work on behalf of Capital One.
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no known issue...just curious
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LCN or LCM ? auto insurance. called three times today even though each time I said I was not interested, already had insurance, and take me off their list.
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mike mann:

also called from 289 789 1138-never leaves a message.
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Keep calling day and night all day all night.
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Called to remind me of reservation for travel service.
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bob Johnson:

It's a company called Zee Medical That sells supplies
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Phone call was a debt collector looking for someone else stating that if I wasn't the person they are looking for to not listen to the rest of this message. WELL! Hello! This is my phone, of course I am going to listen. Can they legally do this to people?
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Another bottom feeder looking for a free meal!
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Very suspicious- told me I'd won a contest for paying bills on time, but were unable to tell me any other information. They wanted to collect personal information. Definitely a scam.
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J Gautier:

I am recieving calls from this phone # about 30-40 times a day. Whoever this # belonds to PLEASE stop calling my phone.
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Called introducing themselves with GE Home Security Monitoring system.
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called, left no message. no idea who it is.
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Did not get to answer call, but caller ID said Bank of America.
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Didn't answer, no message. Called two days in a row. Called back and it went straight to easy listening music.
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I don't know who this is but I'm sick of these calls I feel harassed I want it to stop!
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William Daye:

This number calls numerous times a day and doesn't give you a chance to speak with him. Total scam artist
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john doe:

HSBC Collections
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I googled support for gmail because I had a problem, and I clicked on what I thought was a google link.

I called the number 866-427-5742 (they gave me their tech number 888-793-3471 (all cell phones).

I was told me they were google support and that my problem with gmail was that I had been hacked. They could find out who did it and their legal team would call me in a week and report to the authorities. I thought I was talking to Google!

The pitch was that they had to remote control my computer and would download a powerful software to find the Trojans. I directly asked who they were and they told me "Google."

I allowed it. They showed me a "Trojan" in Task Manager (csrss.exe) and they actually showed me a list of all Trojans (they made it up themselves). Their solution was to downloaded Microsoft Essentials (for free they said) but would have to charge me $129 for their services and their legal team, etc.

I was an idiot and agreed. They are Mike and Jack with Global IT based in India with their offices in VA. Their address is 21902 Knob Hill Pl
Ashburn, VA, zip 20148; and this is a new home recently built in an exclusive area in VA.

Yes, they have a website, but they are scam artists and hackers! When my gmail was NOT improved and when I had MORE problems because they bogged up my computer, they kept hanging up on me!

They hacked into my emails and documents and have been sending me emails from my own directory with pictures of Indian icons! Also I have been receiving phone calls from scams artists!

I cancelled my credit card (they never collected)and changed all my passwords and un-clicked remote access in my computer. What a frightening lesson.

Thanks for your website so I could post and warn others.
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Calls daily but never leaves a message.
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A Ms. Anderson called me about a debt from 2002 that I had and paid off in 2005. She stated that the account was charged off in 2008 and that if I didn't pay over $600 she would file a notice of some sort. Additionally, she started threatening to put the old debt back on my credit report unless I could provide proof that I paid it. I asked her who keeps records for a debt that was paid off over 8 years ago and she said that people who pay their debts keep records of it. So I told her to go ahead and place it on my credit report and she hung up on me. All this after leaving a creepy message that it was important and I needed to contact her immediately.
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Didn't answer, unsure of who it was or why they were calling.
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From Kearny, NJ. Refusing to answer, unsure who they are or what they're calling for.