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The so called Police Protection Fund...scammers.
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they call me today
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Annoyed in Cali:

Called three times within a three minute period. No message left. Caller ID: UNAVAILABLE
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Have received daily phone calls from this number for weeks trying to contact a person I do not know. I press 4 (?) or whatever as instructed if I am not this person. Calls persist. Numerous calls to this number never go thru until today. They answered their phone! They are Convergent Outsourcing - debt collection agency San Antonio Tx. They assured me my number was removed from their list.
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Why are you saying he's a Craigslist scammer I'm scared he's supposed to send a mover to my house to pick up some shoes I'm selling him
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Sufia Mellon:

609-310-3227 is a credit collection agency - phone in Trenton NJ area. Name is Performance Recovery Inc. These comanies now have names that are misleading to fool the person called into picking up the call. Another such company is "Asset Management Inc." (whose asset???) and is based in NY.
Caller ID showed only "New Jersey" - fooled me int picking up and I had NOTHING outstanding. When I asked for the name she just mumbled. So I called back and the announcement also is a mumble-jumble, unclear and broken sounds!!! Got the info on the name - had a friend call the number.
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sufia mellon:

This number belongs to Performance Recovery Inc. it is a credit collection agency - I called to find out and spoke woth the operator. These collection agencies have come up with names that mislead because if they have any word that gives away their business - kind of fooling the recipient of the call. Another one such company is Asset Management Inc which is based in NY.
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It's just ANOTHER low-life, scumbag collection agency. They try to pass themselves off as a Law Firm but it's really c
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Insurance telemarketers
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i received a call on aug.28 from this number.. saying that they were from Bank of America..
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get a call from this number daily and no one ever says anything
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This number 616-980-2063 called 8-26-13 and their automated voice left message on my answering machine saying to take advantage of the stimulus plan, bla bla bla and to press 1. I have received this call in the past. The national no call list registration doesn't seem to stop these types of calls. I just hang up on these anyway, but lately when I see an unknown, I answer, but hang up right away.
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This number has called several times in the last 2 weeks previous to
8-29-13. Caller ID says CT Amvets. They call every year asking for donations. I request no calls and am on national no call list, however the calls don't stop. Sick of it here
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I have incoming call the number display 1253429c454 of course, I did't answer but I tray to call back the number it was non working number
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Fed Up:

These people are ruthless and are breaking the law. I have turned them in and they continue to call and harrass me.
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jay smith:

They sound like creditors calling themselves PBS
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Some company's follow up for their product.. Nothing more than that
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Convergence debt collections is who this is
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Called our business too and claimed they wanted to feature us in a local magazine. Pretty exciting at first considering we a non-profit just getting our feet wet. Missed their call the first time from prefix 855, then when they called back, it was an area code 425 #. I didn't answer because there was no reason I would be expecting a call from this area code. When I called back after realizing they were the same person (kinda odd and very fishy) they did not answer and I left a message stating if they were not trying to sell us advertising I would be open to what they have to say. No call back. How ironic. Smells like a scam or unethical business practice to me so I would recommend either avoiding them/blocking them or really feeling these guys out before doing business.
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This is OptumRX - the Pharmacy Benefit Manager for United Healthcare.
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I had an answering machine message, I think earlier this month, from this number. Here is what the man said: "Yes, my name is Nichola (sp?) and I'm calling on behalf of Entergy. I'm calling because we're going to be in the... area going through to the businesses replacing old sink aerators with new energy efficientt ones. It is a service that we're doing for free." I was suspicious because I don't know what "sink aerators" would have to do with Entergy, so I called Entergy. In two phone calls, speaking to two different Entergy employees, they found nothing about this in their system(s), and the second lady advised me not even to return the call. (I wasn't going to anyway, unless they had verified it as legitimate.)
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This was for a focus group i am a member of 'Consumer vision'. they only call if you're on their list. pickup hte phone and tell them kindly to remove you if you're not intersted in further calls.

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Where is this number
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Keeps calling everyday and leaves no message.
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I'm an advisor and she called me as well. I'm convinced she is a recruiter, they always seem to leave sneaky messages like that.
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This is TruGreen. This is telemarketing at it's worst.
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Andrea Jordan-Epps:

diversifed consultants
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John Doe:

I *67 this (951) 571-3362 ~ number back - The answer' said "Cathy
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the company is Bankers Life and casualty Insurance company, Grand Blanc,MI. they call, tell you they found your resume on line and want to schedule and interview, they want you to sell life insurance. Not positive but I thought you had to have a license to sell insurance in Michigan.
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Ronald Ice:

This number along with (855)-217-0914 calls my cell phone practically every day. I have yet to respond because of possible 'reverse' charges which may apply to my billing.
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Got a call from this number earlier today, and they did not leave a message. I called back and got a message system that I won $100, or something like that. It also gave me an option to be placed on their do not call list (promptly disconnected me when I selected that option). When I pressed "1" to claim the reward, I was connected to a woman with a Mexican accent who both ignored me and yelled canned responses at me when I tried to nicely ask questions. Eventually I got a manager, Anthony, who said they were the Rewards Department at a company called Marketing Solutions. I was told they got my number from one of their "marketing affiliates", but they could not tell me who. They wanted me to pay $9.95 shipping to receive my reward (typical scam line). Anthony hung up on me when I asked to be placed on their do not call list.

Overall, I'm almost certain this is a scam, so I reported it to the FCC.
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Ms. White:

who is this
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Ronald Ice:

This number along with (855) 307-3146 calls my cell phone practically every day. I have yet to respond because of possible 'reverse' charges which may apply to my billing.
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same here; called cell. no message