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Calls and wakes me up at eight.
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getting calls
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someone from this number calls me multiple times a day and leaves no messages...i cant return the call...wth
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Just had a person hit me with Direct insurance. Thats how my number got on this list. Direct insurance doesn't want to pay my estimate amount. Hope that you never have to deal wi those dirty bastards. What a bunch of crooked SOB's.
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This number is someone trying to call you from Palm Beach county jail
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someone is calling me from this number pretending they are from a law firm, serving me with papers for "fraud". If anyone should be served papers for fraud it should be THEM!!!!!!!!!!! SCAMMERS!
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This company calls numbers on the do not call registry, then claims to be selling discount health and life insurance as Mutual of Omaha. They ask for personal information and passcodes, but do not offer any valid information regarding their business, just that they want to have someone call back to make an appointment. Very shady.
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FOLKS: I'm don't think this is coincidence, and I think CARMAX IS BEHIND THIS. They would have both my cell phone number and landline, which the called today within a min.utes of each othe. AND, yesterday, I was browsing the CARMAX SITE looking for a VEHICLE, and UP POPPED A SURVEY asking me a dozen questions about when I may want to purchase, its urgency, etc, and I answerfed them all. I WAS LOGGED INTO my CARMAX ACCOUNT on the website when I took the popup survey.

SO, QUESTION.... DO ANY OF YOU HAVE A CARMAX VEHICLE that you've purched from them (mine was 7 yrs ago!), whether or not you were logged in or took a survey? Seems coincidence they call BOTH my numbers the NEXT DAY and from this number in DETROIT, MICHIGAN, home of the car manufacturering city AND also asking abou CAR insurance to some of you??
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They just called my office phone. I didn't recognize the number and they did not leave a Msg.
Damn Spammers!
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I wish I could get the ID on the number I entered. The service was worth exactly what I payed for the service.
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Same thing happened to my mom. And wanted persanle info. Strange
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Automated voice said it was "The Mortgage Company," asking me to verify my name and last four digits of my social. Got a call from the same "Company" the day before and it was a Minnesota number.
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I keep receiving call from this number, no one answers, it is almost as if it is a fax of sorts. I am on a no call list and do not appreciate this. Who is it?
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Dennis P Byrne:

Overcharged on IONIC MAXX $69.30 refunded Third party offering $100 in gasoline coupons withdrew $3 from my checking account rep seemed to be reading from a script spoke over me didn't elaborate on fees
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Missed a call from some guy claiming to be a summons processor from my county division and he advised me to call this number to speak with someone regarding the reason why he was calling me he gave me an extension number and a case number I called the 1-866-277-2636 number (company named Landmark)he provided me with along with the extension number I spoke with someone who said her name was legal investigator Claire Park she told me that she was a legal investigator for landmark and was a representative for Hydra Funds llc payday loans and that I had 30mins to settle my debt or she would call the local police department to press charges against me for theft and fraud I proceeded to tell her I indeed default on the loan but it was not the plan and wish to settle the debt however I would like to settle the debt with Hydra Funds llc payday loans she then retorted you no longer are in business with em ok you in business with me now so I'm giving 30mins to settle your debt or I will have you served and charged I said what if I contact my attorney and you can then speak with him of the issue so we can settle this debt she no I already told your business is with me the only time you gonna need an attorney is when I see you in court for fraud and theft she then threaten to call my employer an let them know of my illegal activities I said to her mame yes I defaulted but I've already told you I will call hydra funds llc payday loans and settle this with them she said this is not a joke she then proceeded to give me information that only my employer would know of and this shocked me because I work for a school district and they have very strict guidlines about giving out employee information so I agreed to pay her $200 but she said you only have 30minutes to call me back and hung up on me...I decided to do some investigating starting out with the man who called me first I called the summons division in my county and they claimed to never have heard of him ..then I called the Sheriffs office who usually handles summons they said processers don't call you we just show up and serve you nor do we give you 1-800 numbers to settle debts..so then I called my place of employment and asked if any of my information was given out about they said no sir we would never do that and I can confirm that we h Have calls from collection agencys and we never give them info in fact we just tell them that person isn't employed here the only people we offer your informat
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mis call
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Whos calling me?
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who is calling
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All time call o sed messge,, i don't no how is
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This is a prank phone call. Fake number.
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I just hung up
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They call two three times in a row never leaving a voicemail. I don't answer they just keep calling
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They called today, 8/7/2013 at 6:54pm leaving a voice-mail, something about a reminder to transmit some data to their office. wrong number i think.
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This phone number called me and I won 2 tickets to the iHeartRadio Music Festival. Answer if this number calls you!!
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M. Lee:

Called a couple times. No message. Then when I answered hung up. Then I called back and they answered MST Illinois. I hung up. Anyone know who these people are?????
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Steve Sweet Express:

Same # same guy scammed us for $989 same story 2 blown tires and air bag. He was able to cash the check. Split it up in Effingham,IL. I'm trying to get surveilance from that truck stop. I will do everything in my power to find this crook. Keep me posted if anyone finds any new info on this guy...
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Who's number is 859-242-7800
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T. Buonocore:

continual harassment from this caller. stating untruths
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Who's calling me?
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number calls land line numerous times daily, never leave message.
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i don't answer my phone if I don't recognize the area code. These jackholes don't leave a message and call multiple times in a row.
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Just recieved a couple of missed calls but no vm...?
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Jerry W. Hayden:

Someone continues to call me every day from the number listed above. Every time they give me the option to press a button to stop their calls but they keep calling. If they don't stop I'll sue them for harrassment!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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The person said she was Miss Gloria. She scammed a senior citizen out of $600, and keeps making threatening phone calls at all times of the day or night.