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Sue ODea:

I didn't answer. report to FCC. Their response
Dear Consumer:
Thank you for contacting the FCC regarding possible violations of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (“TCPA”) and the Commission’s telemarketing and junk fax rules. Information provided in consumer complaints like yours helps the Commission to combat abusive or unlawful practices in these areas, including taking enforcement actions against individuals or companies. In this regard, the Communications Act authorizes the Commission to issue citations and, in some cases, impose substantial fines upon entities that violate telemarketing and junk fax rules.
Although the Commission does not resolve individual complaints, each complaint is individually analyzed and assists us in enforcement actions to protect consumers like yourself. You should be aware that the TCPA also provides for enforcement of the telemarketing and junk fax rules by state attorneys general and by individual consumers. With respect to the latter, the TCPA permits individuals who have received certain unlawful telemarketing, such as junk faxes or telemarketing calls, to sue the violator in state courts where they may be awarded up to $1500 for each violation.
We invite you to visit the FCC’s Consumer & Governmental Affairs Bureau’s Internet web site at http://www.fcc.gov/cgb for more information. You may also call the FCC’s Consumer Center toll free at 1-888-CALL-FCC [1-888-225-5322], TTY: 1-888-TELL-FCC [1-888-835-5322]. Fax: 1-866-418-0232 I use fax age. No 1 is needed before the number when using this program.

Sharon C. Bowers, Division Chief
Consumer Inquiries & Complaints Division
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Got 3 calls from these dirtbags @ 10:26 pm, 10:43pm, 10:45 pm followed by calls from 2 Miami numbers 786-837-7624 @ 10:28 pm, 786-837-7591@ 10:31 pm, and 10:32 pm. Not only do these scumbags spammers annoy with unwanted calls, they call after 9:00 pm.
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Scam!!!! Shipping. Scam!!!! Do not reply. It text me. It is a big scam. Do not trust any message associated with this number.
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JP Hawk:

It's a collection agency by the name of Glass Mountain Capital. They would call and hang up numerous times. I called back to find out who they were and they would hang up every time I asked who it was. Finally got a live person (who was very rude) and they "said" they would remove my number.
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calls and calls never leaves message or answers. please find out who they are and stop valling.
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Called numbers in my account and family said serving me with papers

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Gunny G USMC:

It's a scam.
You cannot call the number back.
Hopefully they will show up at my door. I always carry my pistol. I'm never without it. There is always someone here, even when I'm not. C'mon and break in, Cmon, do it.
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Merchants Credit Association, I have a payment plan with them and they call every now and again to make sure the date the EFT comes out is still working for me.
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I didn't answer, let it go to the answering machine. From what I can discern from checking on-line, this is some sort of a solicitation or scam offering medical benefits. Do yourself a favor, let it go to the machine.
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this number has called my house 5 times this week and wont tell me who they are and keeps asking for me by first name and last...but they refuse to tell me who they are
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someone in a correctional facility in ct that you know is trying to call you.
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I receieved a email that seems like a scam, I was told that they wanted my account info to deposit funds so I could pay their bills, do their shopping and run errands for them and I would get paid $300 a month. I called this number back and it was a finger number, this is what the message said. Unsure what the finger number is.
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Red Cross
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"Maria" with "Charles Alverez's Office".
Tried to call but no answer. Went to MAGICJACK recorded message. Not sure WTF this is.
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I called this number back and a recording came on and said "please hold for the next available agent" then a woman answered and said "hello" no self or company id. Google comes up with it being an AT&T WIRELESS SERVICES, INC. And gives this address 1624 E NEWGROVE ST LANCASTER, CA 93535 which is a residential home
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Left message that was difficult to understand to call 800-377-1904 which comes back to ERS. Seems to be a collection agency for student loans.
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who knows
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Jay Zulu:

Here's an address
4691 Clifton pkwy hamburg NY 14075 which is a house strange I think, google mapped it. They have a website www.williamsonandbrown.com which is owned by a Jonathan Williamson. Website looks very unprofessional for what they seem to claim to be (a law office). Phone number tied to the domain name registration 716 574 5710. They are probably buying old debts even if they are paid and still say you owe. Some may be legitimate debt, some may not, they don't care I'm sure. Good Look!
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Slime balls that don't even know how to leave a message...their threats are always cut off in the middle. If they did bother to identify themselves, it was lost while the answering machine message was playing. Quest identifies it as a VOIP call.
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John Wan:

Caller said his name was Dave Sawyer from Publishers Clearing House and that I had won millions of dollars. Sounded to good to be true so I immediately Google'd the number and got many hits. Apparently many people are getting the same call. YES IT IS A SCAM CALLER!! DON'T FALL FOR IT!!
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Scam! We got a call from Meghan wanting to speak to our Dr. regarding patient referrals. She's in New York. We're in Ohio
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Called number back. It was from DirectBuy saying I just won $25,000.
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Yes, I have received the same emails and text messages. I have asked that he call me as I am a medical professional but he has not done so.
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very good company. have to give them a chance!!!!!
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She told the person taking the call that they do business with us. Turns out they deliver maps to us from an outside advertising company, we are a visitor center. Extension number given is 382 and her name was Mary. When I called back the name of the company is MMI.
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Received scam call from this number at my office on July 9th 2013. Rude guy, with very heavy accent.
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Received a call from "special agent Tom Harrigan." 800 K Street, DC, phone 202-241-0566, ex 248. Threatened to have me arrested for receiving medication through the mail back in 2006. I have no idea what he's talking about. He said I could be put on the defendant release program but I'd have to pay a fine. He put me on hold so that he could check with the prosecutor. Then he came back on and said my fine is $4500. And he explained how I should go to Walmart and buy green dot cards. I told him I had no money. He then went onto say that they could take $2000. I told him again I had no money. I asked him why he wasn't going after real criminals instead of widows on disability. Then he said if I go to Walmart today, he could take a $500 green dot card. Did i mention that these cards are untraceable? I told him I couldn't do that, I have no money. I also told him I'd was going to call my senators and see if they could help me. He wanted to know why I wanted to go PUBLIC. Then he said he'd pay the $500 and hung up. Apparently this scam has been around for years.
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This is unbelievable. So I get dozens of calls from this number, couple times a day, for weeks. Always the same message, but a different voice, clearly. Message is something like this:"Jim Knox, our records indicate that you are someone I can speak to about NAME. My name is Jeremy Smith. I need a call back today to 866 798 9824. When you call you will need this reference number 123456789. I need you to call back today". I have called back and talked to them. They are looking for my friend, but they wont tell me why, and they want to "confirm" my "data", like where I work, my address, my other phones, if I have a savings account, where I bank, if I drive a car, if Im registered to vote, and even what is my SSN (they had an SSN but it wasnt mine. I think they just say a number and hope you will correct it. I didnt.). I dont know if this is legal but it sure seems sleazy. If you get a call from this number, dont even bother. And if you do bother, dont give them your information.
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Clarese Pearson:

It is 101.3 KDWB ( a radio station.)
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wont answer or say whom is calling
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763-656-1351 is the call center for Abra Auto Body & Glass.
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This number 801-618-4747 is a call from an Organ communication Company. They are calling to take a survey on Organ donations etc. They call and if no one picks up, they hang up and do not leave a message. Finally I RTRN THE CALL to find out that they are taking a survey of some sort. They could have atleast left a meassage with a rtrn number but NO, THEY JUST HANG UP.... Very frustrating.
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Constant calling
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United War Veterans pick up service pick up for used goods