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Dave Orland Park, IL:

Calls repeatedly and does not leave a message. CID: 401-464-3000 Anonymous. SCAMMER / FRAUDSTER
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Getting calls from this number at all hours of day, it hangs up as soon as you answer.
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Telemarketing. Cold call from replacement window company.
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Cash store corporate office.
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Thoreau Lee Peeved:

3 or 4 times in last 24 these rectal spincters have called. Nothing to say if/when I answer - but others online have IDed them as more solar telemarketers, perhaps "Go Green," very much like some out of Sunol, CA that have been hammering me for weeks now. Too stupid to take a hint of ANY kind; nevermind my being on the national DNC database for MANY YEARS now!
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Left an unsolicited Voicemail message concerning travel. Options included pressing a number to connect with an agent. I have filed a complaint on the Colorado Do Not Call List and the National Do Not Call List. Everyone else should also file complaint at the above sites!
I wonder if we could call forward this number to itself?
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Called and told me he was representing lawyers for a complaint in Columbia County. When I asked what the name of his company was and why he was calling for something on the West Coast when he is in Jacksonville, FL, he wouldn't say. He then immediately launched into interrogating me on how I knew a certain person and that he needed a reference. Pretty sure it's a debt collector. And not for me; never heard of who he was talking about.
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I have received calls from this number numerous times on my cell and work phone stating they are confiming my order, I know nothing of this. When my employer says I am not available they ask to speak to a supervisor. The lady is very rude and demanding she has been put in my voicemail several times and I can hear them talking amongst themselves not making much sense and they never ever leave a return phone number. I have tried calling back the number that shows up on the caller ID 999 999 1008 and it says the area code 999 is not valid. So my opinion this is a SCAM!!!!
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Called my cell phone, I have service with Sprint. This is the first time they called. I did not answer and they left no messaged. might spammers calling.
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Received a call from this number asking for my daughter who does not live with us. I asked who was calling and all she would say is Sherri. I asked from what company and she said it was in reference to a business matter. I told her if she did not want to tell me where she was calling from, I would not give my daughters number to her. The odd thing is that the number originated from 401-536-9424, which is a local number, but the call back number she left is the one above.
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Southwest Credit Systems
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Got a call from this number only for it to hang up on me the second that I answered. I called the number back and initially got a recording that said "Thank you for calling Dr. Dish. Please hold while I transfer your call." After a moment a man answered the phone and said "Hello." Not, thanks for calling, or can I help you, just "Hello." I said, "Is this Dr. Dish," being thrown by his initial greeting, and he said "dis James." So I continued to tell him that I was getting tired of getting calls from this number 2 - 3 times/week only to get hung up on. He said "well that's the computer, it do what it do..." He had a really bad attitude and just wanted to argue with me, so I finally just said I was going to report him and hung up on him as he is yelling at me over the phone. Just a heads up, to anyone getting this call in Michigan at least, to file a formal complaint and not just an automated complaint at FCC.gov, you need to call Consumer Protection with the Attorney Generals office in Lansing at (517) 373-1140 from 8:30am - 4:30 pm weekdays. To shut this guy down, they need complaints. If he is calling in other states, I assume you could just contact your nearest state Attorney Generals office and they can direct you just the same.
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tired of these scammers:

Guy left a message saying that he was from the Western Canada Lottery Corperation and that I had won some money and to call the company. He left the number that he was calling from (same as on caller ID). Looked up the area code and it was from Jamaica. What does Jamaica have to do with Western Canada Lottery? LOL
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please call me back
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Called my land line at 9 p.m. and again at half past midnight and said, "Your confirmation code is blah blah blah" and then repeated it three times and hung up.
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Need to know9x
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missed call lady:

This was from Western Union. Legitimate call.
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Louis Cappuccio:

I was just called from this number who said the were the federal government
grants department . And I had been granted a 7500 grant . Which i was defrauded out of 600.00 deposit which was to dbe refunded to my chase debit account. This call was placed from Washington DC. And I asked for names and Id #'s David Bishop ex121 and Tom Anderson. I submitted a western union money transfer to a Brenda Marella as a reference name they sounded as though they had African culture in decent
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Collections agency calling under the guise of checking personal/business references on a relative who may/may not have outstanding debts. Very sneaky way of trying to track down someone, as they say it is in regards to the person "Applied for a business loan and were listed as a personal reference." They come up with new tactics every day, don't they? Sheesh.
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pl find the address of the company
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Joshua Benis:

I wish these people quit calling me I'm not takin the chance of answering my phone and I'm afraid to so beware everyone it could be a scam
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Sandy Davis, debt collector
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no one answers
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Called my mobile number twice in one day. No voicemail.
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Getting Hosed:

Out of the blue I get a call for a rental that I went to the Leasing Co. and paid in full (what he said I owed and I did get a statement and I was paid ahead) Now 5 months later all of a sudden this collector wants me to pay him approx. $1700 less security deposit with no proof of invoices for repairs labor etc. for a piece of carpet that isn't 8X12. The only way he says he'll send me documentation is after I agree to pay someone I have no clue who they are. This is the first time I am hearing any of this. They are forceful and he drops a comment about my net worth and the properties I own.
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Not Stupid:

I called them from another number and they asked if I had any unsecured debt. I let them know we just had our bankruptcy discharged so..no. They said ok, then hung up. They never got the number they were calling so they'll probably call again
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Called my cell phone at 3:50 PM. Claimed to be from "Northern Lights Pharmacy." She had a VERY strong middle-eastern accent and asked for someone with my first name, but there are three of us with that name here. She could not identify which one. I hung up when she just kept repeating the pharmacy name and my first name.
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These criminals left a message:

Aurthur Abrams, director of the check services claims processing department.
About a case involving Edward Sandra.
Naming me as a primary person of interest.
Claims I'm in contempt of this deposition.

Nice try.

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Refuses to delete called number from their system.
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REIA Member:


Stay Away from Paul Finck!!! Paul is a recent speaker that we had as a fill-in for a speaker who's wife became sick. The Charleston and North American REIA staff did NOT have enough time to research this speaker before he spoke at our Southern REIA's. Paul Finck took over $95,000 dollars from our members for Life Coaching and Business Management when af...ter further research: Paul and his wife Owns NO BUSINESSES!!!! Paul ran one of the recent "The Keys to Cash Flow" Events for our President, Him and His Wife. Instead of selling coaching like he agreed, he and his wife stalled until they got our "BEST BUYING UNITS" ...that's how they see you, up to his event in New Jersey.

Even though they did not perform at the keys event, and had no desire to perform, we still paid their way to run the event. After they sold nothing, we got nothing more than puppy eye's and sad apologies. The whole time they had no other task than to send our students and members up north to sell them for as much as they could. They sacrificed every-bit of dignity that they had by lying through their teeth about our agreement. Paul and his wife are "snakes in the grass" and should be avoided by all Students of The Keys to Cash Flow and North American REIA Chapters as well as members.

This memo is written to help SAVE you from costly mistakes and bad people. We as North American REIA Chapters and Organizers are Sheep Dogs, We protect Our Flock. We are terribly sorry and regret to our members and Robert and his students as to have ever let a "snake in the grass" Salesman like Paul into our Organization. we have already enacted Changes to ensure that when a top notch speaker like "Lee Phillips" cannot attend his own event, we will not accept any replacements. we are also very sorry that this has stained Lee Phillips perception & dignity within our Organization and our willingness to have him back.

Further more, in order to Protect our members from the manifestations of con artists like Paul and his wife, we no longer accept speaker replacements from speakers and have currently implemented contractual provisions that penalize speakers from not showing-up and doing their contracted duties as specified within our agreements. No matter the reason, we MUST protect ours. Regardless of what has happened to a speaker personally.

Once Again, we are sorry for this inc
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Mark Beasenburg is a crooked thieving scam artist who will con artist his way into stealing your boat so beware of Mark Beasenburg the scam artist and con artist that he is.
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Scam caller! Beware! The person on the phone poses as a FBI agent or an Officer who threatens to arrest you stating that you are wanted in some crimes. The person may also pose as a IRS agent stating you owe some money to the IRS.
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Identified themselves as UPS trying to deliver an Amazon package to my son
who lives in another town. He had not ordered anything. 3lt9va
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Caller ID stated the name was Tanya (didn't write down the last name), but caller was pushy and identified herself as Deborah Hubbard. Wanting to discuss employee benefits, however wasn't aware of the persons name that is in charge of employee benefits at this company. Very suspicious and pushy.
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