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I am getting texts from 541-324-4262 that look suspicious. The sender doesn't respond to questions...just sends a new text a week later.
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This number is for a coupon selling outfit that comes through this area once a year... It's called CASH BANANZA...
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Thank you for the info.
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Craigslist scammer. Wants your Paypal info.
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It good way
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Got a text from this number for furniture. Said he would give me an extra $50. If I held the item. I asked if he wanted to see it and I stopped getting texts
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This number called my Dad and scammed him out of $600. Saying she was the FBI
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same history .. 470-253-5154 . he said it was an airbag and tire. we caught his lie because my trailer is suspension.
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It's the gambling company bestpaypartners.com
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Scam. Sounds official and threatening. Ignore.
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IHTA inc, DMZ inc aka Advanced Medical company aka Corbin Supply aka Allied Medical company aka superior medical company aka Ampex medical company aka rivera medical company aka falcon international industries. 888-857-3945 and 713-774-4800 and 713-774-4801. Received a call from a Julia stating that mike Arnold and mike Dirksen are posers and scammers. They are fueled by greed. mike arnold fired Julia for not being a good scammer, one who does their dirty work for them. They hire young girls to do their scamming and pretend to be a legit telemarketer and pretend to represent a legit business using trickery and deception claiming to send out "FREE and "COMPLIMENTARY" medical gloves and candy. They want your address and your name or someone's name at your business in order to pull off their scam. once you provide that information you will receive endless cases and cases of gloves along with bogus invoices for every single shipment including the ones the scammers stated were "free and complimentary" after an invoice makes it to your accounting dept you and your accounting dept will try to contact the scammers at rivera medical co or ampex medical co or falcon International industries etc and your calls will go unanswered. if your accounting dept refuses to pay the scammers, then the scammers will resort to harassing you daily, threaten you and your employees, your coworkers and say they record every single conversation including the initial stating the person named on thier bogus invoice placed the order with them for every case of gloves and resort and they will resort to screaming obscenities at you and cussing you out and your accounting department just to get you to send them your money for every case of gloves that you NEVER ordered. the scammers have been scamming people/businesses this way for years now. all of the 10 plus business names they use for scamming have bank accounts at different banks. they are liars and criminals. they use over 8 different PO box addresses at several UPS stores in Houston and California. theyve had at least 20 different toll free numbers and keep changing their number continuously but now use 888-857-3945 and 713.774.4800 and 713.774.4801 and they never use their names which is Michael EMORETH Arnold and Michael a Dirksen .. typical scammers!DONT LET THESE A***OLES FOOL YOU!
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Fake caller. Do not respond to any reservations or orders made to this number. Somebody is playing making prank calls and fake reservations to bother an elderly lady.
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Craigslist scammer. Wants your Paypal info.
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who is calling me?
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Don, Oceanside CA:

Yesterday I got a call from a rag head sounding "punjab" (I like that term). He cited the typical debt collectors biblical phrase : "This is a legal attempt to collect a debt" crap then said some website and company I couldn't understand then gave a six digit number. I'll add these a$$wipes to my block list too.... ps. I don't owe them $hit…..pps. Isn’t it strange that all these rag heads aka towel heads all sound alike!!! 
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I am being harassed by this call number for dish network. This group is asking me to pay half for my monthly bill for dishnetwork and they will take care of the rest. I have repeatedly told them that I am not interested but I keep getting calls. I do not even answer. It can not be traced back as when I call, it says that the number is not in service.
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This is AFLAC. they are calling me because I put my resume on monster.com.
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Dave Orland Park, IL:

Calls repeatedly and does not leave a message. CID: 401-464-3000 Anonymous. SCAMMER / FRAUDSTER
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Getting calls from this number at all hours of day, it hangs up as soon as you answer.
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Telemarketing. Cold call from replacement window company.
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Cash store corporate office.
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Thoreau Lee Peeved:

3 or 4 times in last 24 these rectal spincters have called. Nothing to say if/when I answer - but others online have IDed them as more solar telemarketers, perhaps "Go Green," very much like some out of Sunol, CA that have been hammering me for weeks now. Too stupid to take a hint of ANY kind; nevermind my being on the national DNC database for MANY YEARS now!
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Left an unsolicited Voicemail message concerning travel. Options included pressing a number to connect with an agent. I have filed a complaint on the Colorado Do Not Call List and the National Do Not Call List. Everyone else should also file complaint at the above sites!
I wonder if we could call forward this number to itself?
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Called and told me he was representing lawyers for a complaint in Columbia County. When I asked what the name of his company was and why he was calling for something on the West Coast when he is in Jacksonville, FL, he wouldn't say. He then immediately launched into interrogating me on how I knew a certain person and that he needed a reference. Pretty sure it's a debt collector. And not for me; never heard of who he was talking about.
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I have received calls from this number numerous times on my cell and work phone stating they are confiming my order, I know nothing of this. When my employer says I am not available they ask to speak to a supervisor. The lady is very rude and demanding she has been put in my voicemail several times and I can hear them talking amongst themselves not making much sense and they never ever leave a return phone number. I have tried calling back the number that shows up on the caller ID 999 999 1008 and it says the area code 999 is not valid. So my opinion this is a SCAM!!!!
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Called my cell phone, I have service with Sprint. This is the first time they called. I did not answer and they left no messaged. might spammers calling.
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Received a call from this number asking for my daughter who does not live with us. I asked who was calling and all she would say is Sherri. I asked from what company and she said it was in reference to a business matter. I told her if she did not want to tell me where she was calling from, I would not give my daughters number to her. The odd thing is that the number originated from 401-536-9424, which is a local number, but the call back number she left is the one above.
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Southwest Credit Systems
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Got a call from this number only for it to hang up on me the second that I answered. I called the number back and initially got a recording that said "Thank you for calling Dr. Dish. Please hold while I transfer your call." After a moment a man answered the phone and said "Hello." Not, thanks for calling, or can I help you, just "Hello." I said, "Is this Dr. Dish," being thrown by his initial greeting, and he said "dis James." So I continued to tell him that I was getting tired of getting calls from this number 2 - 3 times/week only to get hung up on. He said "well that's the computer, it do what it do..." He had a really bad attitude and just wanted to argue with me, so I finally just said I was going to report him and hung up on him as he is yelling at me over the phone. Just a heads up, to anyone getting this call in Michigan at least, to file a formal complaint and not just an automated complaint at FCC.gov, you need to call Consumer Protection with the Attorney Generals office in Lansing at (517) 373-1140 from 8:30am - 4:30 pm weekdays. To shut this guy down, they need complaints. If he is calling in other states, I assume you could just contact your nearest state Attorney Generals office and they can direct you just the same.
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tired of these scammers:

Guy left a message saying that he was from the Western Canada Lottery Corperation and that I had won some money and to call the company. He left the number that he was calling from (same as on caller ID). Looked up the area code and it was from Jamaica. What does Jamaica have to do with Western Canada Lottery? LOL
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please call me back
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Called my land line at 9 p.m. and again at half past midnight and said, "Your confirmation code is blah blah blah" and then repeated it three times and hung up.
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Need to know9x
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