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Said he was from microsoft and that my computer was infected with trojan virus, and that i needed to go to my computer immediately so he could fix it. I told him that he was full s**t, and then hung up.
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Every day this number calls our business. Each time I answer, they hang up, or there's no response. So, I've decided to just pick up the phone and hang up immediately. It's a waste of my time really.
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Mrs. Wilson:

I keep getting calls to my phone from this number
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Calling my home phone several times daily. Shows up on caller ID as Coral MI. I called the number back and it's a recording telling me i've won a free medical alert system, one of the things that's in the "I've fallen and i can't get up" commercials on TV.
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karen walker:

Just want to know who it is
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Gina Bodley:

their correct number is 888-857-3945/713-774-4800 Michael e Arnold @ rivera medical company aka ampex medical aka falcon international industries aka IHTA inc aka DMZ INC
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Gina bosley:

the scammers operate their business out of Houston Texas @ 10333 Harwin dr suite 170 and they only use PO boxes inside ups stores. they have changed their number yet again to 888-857-3845/713-774-4809. the one running the scam is Michael e Arnold and his co scammer is Michael a Dirksen. they are deceptive, harassing and hostile. they have called out facility 20 times in the last 2 days and we don't owe them any money! Michael Arnold tried to scam us by saying he was sending out a free box of gloves to try out and free candy. yea, free, right... until we received an invoice for several cases of gloves including the box he supposedly sent "free" and charged for the candy. we never orderd anything to you and we never gave you the "ok" to ship anything to us. we don't want your cheap junk gloves and we don't want you calling us ever again!
The caller was identified as a Michael EMO Arnold
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For the past couple of weeks I have received calls from this number almost daily. When I call them back there is no answer, but a message saying that it is the Leeds School of Business Alumni group. Presumably they are begging for money.
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Man was on the line saying "that feels good", "I like that"....seemed VERY sexual
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Terry Mendez:

My name is Terry Mendez and my phone number is 760-687-6890. I am the owner of Higher Calling Aircraft Parts located in Oceanside California. Please give me a Call. My web-site is www.highercallingaircraftparts.com.

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College of Charleston Call Center
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Rude person, called several times not identifying her company,
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Who is calling me, they left no message
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Michelle M:

I am on the do not call list and they are constantly calling me about a credit card I do not have and whenever I call back and I try to talk to a person I never can get connected to one. Stay away from 616-613-2228
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I received a voice message from an "investigator" Mason or Marson stating she "needs a call back today!" did not identify what company she was from. When you call back there is a recording that states: " if this is an emergency call 911...etc." to make you think is something official. Probably a scam or a collection agency. Either way beware of these callers. The number she originally called from is (866) 673-9358.
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Margaret Johnson:

No caller ID. Called at 2:36 PM est
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Quicken Loans - have asked to be removed from calling list several times
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This was a scam call for a payday loan. I called the company in question and was told they have no record of me. I contacted this number back and the man was rude and hing up.
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A female speaking Spanish accusing my mother of owing 10,000 dollars for products she purchased and has not paid off. Alleged they (whoever they are) sent legal documents to my mother months prior to the phone call so as to make her aware of her debt. Since she had "refused" to pay off this "debt" she was now being called into court to serve jail time. All her belongings would be sold to pay off the debt owed. The person on the phone was rude and downright vulgar with my mother. I think people that try these sorts of schemes on people should have some legal actions against them.
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Supposedly number belongs to Verizon. They did not identify as such and number comes up "private".

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Recording purporting to be related to FBI concerned about my security. Wanted us to go to a website and purchase their security plan.
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i would like to know who called me?
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Ann B:

Not sure who these people are or why they are trying to collect on a debt thats not even mine from 7 years ago. Instead of listening to me explain that I have never lived in California or opened said account with the bank of Delaware, they insist that its mine and that I owe this. I told him to stop calling me. If they do call me again, I will take a legal action with a class action law suite regarding debt collectors.
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This number just called, we didn't answer and they didn't leave a message. We're on the Gov's Do Not Call list, so I may call the number back, and tell them that. Have no idea what this call was, and this was the first and (so far) only time they've called.
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This person is calling me for some money that I dont own they have my information what I cat do

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They had called me telling me that I was able to get $2,000 from them but I had to send them $260 first in order for me to get it. They called my mom a week later telling her that she was able to get $7,000 from them. Good thing that my fiancee looked them up when they called me. Can't believe tat there are people like that in the world. (phone number 202 470 3539)
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it's a scam.. they tell you you won a trip..take all your info.. then tell you were to send a check for 380 bucks to pay for some fees then you get this 10 thousand dollar trip for free. I gave all fake info including name.. they didn't know who I was.. they called asking for someone else.. I was bored so I wasted there time for awhile..
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Caller is of Indian decent and wants to "fix" your computer - says he's through PC Richard. SCAM!!!!!
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I don't answer calls I don't know. They called a few minutes ago.
Do you know who they are?
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Some type of collection agency saying they are notifying you of a judgement against you. Wants to verify address and where you work. I have no knowledge of anything like this against me. They are likely phishing for information. DO NOT RESPOND TO THIS!!!!
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I was called and no one spoke when I answered. I called back and there was silence and then they hung up.
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It is Conns.
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I am selling a pair of boots in Craiglist. I just received an SMS saying: "Is the advertisement '(the same header as my ad)' still and do you have a Paypal account for the payment?"

I have received a couple of sketchy SMS's so I decided to Google all these numbers. Thank you guys for posting scammers!
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Sent me a text about an appointment for children's portraits. I never made an appointment with anyone for photography. Asked me to meet them in the meeting room of the marquis plaza and suites. Signed "your photographer" instead of a name.
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Called at 8:20 in the morning on a weekday; did not leave a message.