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Don't know who these idiots are because they never leave a message.
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This number has been reported as fruadulant, please ignore calls from this number
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Not all of these calls are nefarious. As other commenters have mentioned on other sites, this does appears to be a universal caller ID number for calls originating in Mexico, perhaps from the state of Guanajuato. I did not answer it and it turned out to be my mother who moved down there a few months ago. If you know someone in Mexico, I'd suggest you answer; if not, it's likely just a wrong number from a person down there trying to reach someone else.
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Patricia Robinson:

Received call from this number on 05/28/2013,the person who called was a Miss.Grimes I have noidea who Miss.Grimes is, she did not state the company she was calling from, I don't know what type of file she has,
I have no idea what she want or how she got my phone number.
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They are calling my cell phone incessantly. I get anywhere from 2 to 5 calls per day. Some go to voicemail with no message. When I do answer, there is no one there. I was able to press 5 in voicemail to get the number. I will be calling them tomorrow and post who they are!
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Continues to call but leaves no message.
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Matte Swatter:

I receive one or two hang up calls from this number every day. I call it back, and either get a busy signal or a message that says the call didn't go through. One time I received an auto-prompt asking for my access code, then it went dead.
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This number is confirmed on numerous reverse-lookup sites as a telemarketer attempting to sign people up for car loans. It seems to be one person, and his methods start off with numerous phone calls with at least one report of rude responses to requests to remove his victims from his databases. A few people have even reported that he gets vulgar with callers when they refuse to sign up for a car loan, and has even attempted to convince a CHILD to get a car loan.

If you get a call from this individual, report him to the FCC for unsolicited phone calls.
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scammers, they try to collect on expired debts illegally
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Dont know this number but they called my phone.
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This is a scammer! He was trying to scam me while I was selling my car.
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The caller tried to portray itself as "PRIVATE", but my high-tech Android phone revealed the caller's phone number. When I later called this number back, I got a pre-recorded message, in which the message was that I could continue to listen to a business proposition in which this guy-supposedly the one in the recorded message--would help advance one's business. HOWEVER, just for merely listening to this prerecorded message, I could expect to get charged. I hung up as fast as I could!! I do believe that charging for listening to such an introduction is illegal; and if I get a bill, I will bring it to the attention of my Attorney General.
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This is a scammer! He tried to pull a scam on me as I was selling a car.
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Jenny D:

Mohammad called and said he's from the (mumble) division from Chase Card Division with some important information that would be on interest to me. Called Chase - this isn't one of their numbers.
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Terrorist Victim:

this filthy trash is domestic terrorists.
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"This is a Google information specialist. It is extremely important that we speak to the business owner..." At that point I hung up. At least they got the English language correct.
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I had the same experience. As soon as she realize I was not going to pay $7,000 upfront, the women hung up on me.

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this is a phone number for trena williams attorney in weston wv
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They claim to be visa oversight- but they are a merchant account company---- scammy advertising method
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pretty sure it is some type of collection agency. just received call from this number for individual. when asked who they were with, they said it was a personal business call....that usually means collection agency of some sort.
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Regis Capital 516.586.1868 has called my house several time. The call at 1:50pm was the same voice as the one that called last. He acts like he knows my husband, like their friends. Today, he got very ugly and screamed at me when I told him he didn't know my husband, my husband didn't call him, and if this was an investment call we are not interested. He raised his voice again and then hung up on my. My husband downloaded an application he needed and now I have every investment company calling at all hours acting like they know us. There has to be a way to stop these calls.
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claims mother owes them money
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Keeps calling leaves no message I have caller ID so do not answer am on the do not call list but that does not seem to help
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mark brown:

solicitation of prostitution
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Calling my work number, stating he is detective investigating me for fraud due to payday loan. I let him know I have never had a pay day loan and he started yelling that I was lying. I hung up the phone he called several more times.
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Please report unwanted caller
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Same number tried to scam me also and had the nerve to get attitude where's my money lol the Dectectives have the check now and know where there at so FEDS are coming!! Bogus name of Azar Fisher out of Texas
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Joe d:

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Allegedly Publisher's Clearinghouse calling to say I won a prize. I immediately hung up because I didn't enter their sweepstakes. According to Snopes calls from 876 are scams.
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Received a call from Brain regarding executive marking services; he was clear there was an upfront fee. I am in the market for a new job, and was open to hear more about the services.

I had a phone appointment with Jackie Grant. I told her I wanted to do my due-diligence before paying $7K upfront. There were no guarantees of the company finding me a job. This woman was rude, obnoxious, mean and spoke down to me in a degrading way. She tried to belittle me and once she realized she was not getting the sale at that moment; she hung up on me without saying good bye. Stay away from this company.
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requesting something about Timeshare Maintenance fees when I do not owe any time shares????
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Jean Otto:

Very intrusive questions...no real explanations why the information was need. Can across as demanding.
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they are looking for clothing and household donations, not a scam, not asking for money.
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Text me regarding items for sale. Wants t o rip me off thru pay punk or check scam. Con Creep for sure.
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They call you and tell you that you win $2500 and you only have to pay $200