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Called but left no message.
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Company calls looking someone that doesn't belong to my number The "agent" was rude and when she was called on the scam they were running she got pissed and hung up the phone. I called them back asked for a supervisor and proceeded to say words to him he has never heard and was warned that a repeat call will result in legal action with the FCC.
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Ava Thomas:

Yes someone called me, but I did not answer. It is probably a telemarketer or scam.
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Company claims to be calling from a legitimate Debt Collector company but when I check their number against the legit company's website, the numbers are not the same. Second company calls for a 803-728-6967 number but then asks to call them back at a 866-762-7116 number? This is a bogus debt collection company, do not give into their scare tactics. Always do your research and always ask them to put whatever the company claims you owe in writting and have them send it to you!
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IBM Accounts Receivable in NJ.
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Pls give me new password my mob no 8174053260
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Somalia calls
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Bajaj Fin service:

Basted,Need girls call Him,& also for lone ,finance etc
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Katz & Phillips, P.A.:

Business Name : Katz & Phillips, P.A.
Address : 509 West Colonial Drive Orlando, FL 32804
Phone : 321-332-6864
Website : http://www.orlandocriminalteam.com/
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i also got missed call, do not call them, all cheat.
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This idiot called our home first thing yesterday morning stating he was my "nephew" and asking me to guess his name, which I did not, he eventually said his name was JuanCarlos (everyone knows one right?). He proceeded with a story about wanting to open a business in Mesa, AZ. At this point I knew very well where this conversation was going so I simply said "I'm recording you." He immediately turned aggressive and threatened to send kilos of drugs and other ridiculously obscene things, so I laughed out loud. He hung up. By the way, he spoke Spanish. I'm very glad these sites exists. I have reported this everywhere so hopefully no one falls for this idiot's bad scheme.
p.s. There should be an option for SCAM CALLS on this site.
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Tis call comes from reborn cabinets, in Anaheim, ca. I made the mistake of using them years ago, and thy do a crappy job for a lot of money. Not only that, on of their electricians stole some electrical testing equipment out of my garage while working at my house.

I'm proud to say that I've cost thm thousands of dollars by warning friends and relatives that were considering using them, of th shoddy job they do.

Avoid Reborn Cabinets at all costs.
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The harassers will be harrassed:

Asking for a Dxxx Mxxxxx. Do not know this person and told them so. They keep calling after they stated they will remove me from their list. They used to call from a Los Angeles caller Id now they are starting to call from a San Diego number. The gentleman promised he would take me off their call list. He did not. One more call and it will be a harassing phone call, hence the local law enforcement will need to take a harassing phone calls police report and off that report will go to my phone company for their part in this fun circle of trying to put a stop to this annoyance! I do not EVER give it out- so someone did. OBAMA???
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Its Safe link,your free cell phone,telling you a monthly call is required for you to keep your service. They call ever month and say their records show I have not been using my time and I need to call someone or lose my service. Its a recording and the problem is its not true. I have made calls.
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Calls several times a day and leaves no message.
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832-484-2237 be cautious user claims to live in El Paso Texas working for General Electric. fake user of dating sites and also claimed to be in sweetwater Texas giving name Carmen Mendoza. User scams small amounts such as 100.00 through western union transfers. Gives stories of debt issues or family issues/ car trouble.
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This is not a valid # for Wade Linscheid
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Spam or scammer beware with this.
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They called and asked for my wife on my phone. Obviously dont have the right info.
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I dont know who calls me but i hate it and needs it stop
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This person or business works for David and Associates. He or they will call you and tell you about a law suit against you. He gives you a number 1-866-593-4632. They claim to be a law office but are probably a debt collector. It was an excellent ploy to get a debt collector to harass me. I fell for it. So the rest of you folks be careful. I think it could be a scam though. This David and Associates asked me to send them money on a credit card account balance that is past the statute of limitation.
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Spoke to my elderly mother about renewing magazine subscriptions
Told her to tell them to call back tomorrow.
When they wanted her credit card information. I told her to tell them she does not have one. They hung up
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Called me.about modeling and acting auditions.. just wanting to know if it's legit or not.
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Tried to buy a $250 Mac computer I listed on CraigsList, sent me a check for $1450! Said to cash it and send him the difference! He said to his assistant wrote the check out for too much money. How stupid am I? Called the bank, they suggested I go to the Feds, I did. He has only tried contacting through text messaging.
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process server
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This is not really Bank of America, do not give them your information, i just called the real bank of america who said this number was fraudulant. They have called my office several times even tho i asked for us as a business to be removed they have not done so.
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called did not leave a message.
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telemarketers nighmare:

PEOPLE, do not do business with anyone who calls from a fake caller ID number. In fact, if you haven't called a company, don't do business with anyone that calls you to do business over the phone.

1st, they use a fake number
2nd They violate the do not call list
3rd they use some sort of deception to "re-introduce" themselves (spoke to you and you were busy but said call back ~ left a coupon on your doorstep when we were in the neighborhood ~ you asked us to call you the next time we had a special.... lies)

These are professional liars, designed to separate fools from their money.

If we can't trust them to not violate our preference to not receive these marketing calls, then how can we trust them with our money, our home, our safety, that they are the best option, that they are the best price, that they will do what they say???? WE CAN'T.

Besides the people calling are usually telemarketing mills. If you ask for a website, a license, a phone number, or anything that might tie them to a legitimate business, they can't answer because they have not SOLD YOU to anyone yet.

First, they deceive you, then they sell you to the guy who has to live up to their lies. The guy who can't get business without employing these liars.

You've been warned!!!
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This person claims to be a lawyer. Was harassing me for something I had no Idea. Rude
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Got a call from this number, asking for Lisa Frasier or Frazier. They got very defensive when I told them they had the wrong number. I've had this number for 3 months now, and keep getting calls for her.
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A woman named Melanie continuously calls our department and asks for specific employees by name. She states that she is with Pine Forest, sometimes when questioned. She never wants to leave a message, and will not hesitate to claim it's urgent and that she needs so and sos cell phone number. No one knows her or wants to speak with her, but she will swear that they just called her. Her most recent call she claim to have a "situation" and stated that she was from the City of Waco. We contacted the city and she is not employeed by the City. It is unclear who she is or what she wants particularly, but she is ruthless and persistent. Do not transfer. When we call the number back it is busy.
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Anonymouse ;):

Some company trying to solicit payroll services.
Want to speak to whoever was in charge of the payroll, told him i pay myself just fine ;)

Slammed the phone down....
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740 area code is not in Delaware, Ohio. wonder who has my number in that region, and says it's a land line.
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Attempt to collect a debt
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I received a text from this number, it said, " James Leigh Sellers has something to show you on Glide http://its.glide.me/B4NfFa" I did not check it out, nor do I know who this is