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John Walter:

877-577-1806 is from a scammer that goes by a fake name, John M. Niedbalski. His CELL phone number is 702-376-2068. They recently had a scam business called Trademark USA/National Funding Advisors. You can read all the horror stories from the many unfortunate people whom have lost thousands of dollars from this non legitimate and unmoral company.


They now operate a business called TRADE SHOW HOUSING, INC. and offer fake hotels to exhibitors during conventions :

John M. Niedbalski
Trade Show Housing, Inc.
3470 E. Russell Road, #218
Las Vegas, NV 89120
Toll Free: 877.577.1806
Cell: 702.376.2068
Fax: 877.347.4515
E-Mail: jmn@tshousinginc.com
Website: www.tradeshowhousing.com

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I keep receiving calls saying that i owe a loan and that i have to pay
or go to court with me another...i asked where did they get my number
from they said the feds and then they said from your social i told
them its impossible becuz this number is not registered wit my social
then they were like dnt worry but they think am a fool and told them
wat ever they have against me send it to me in writing till this day
am still waiting...am not a fool and I want everyone to know please be
very careful these scammers are out for your mone.
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I've gotten a few calls from this number, I never answer & they never leave a message
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Aqualux is a full service carpet cleaning company that specializes in
tile cleaning. rug cleaning. upholstery cleaning,
car upholstery, commercial cleaning, flood remediation, pet stains and
odor removal specialist in dallas.
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They claim I have a debt with Circut City, yet I have never bought anything from that company. I asked for a letter that states what the debt is, they said they mailed it to an address in NY...I have NEVER lived in NY and the person I spoke with named Melissa is refusing to send me a letter of the debt. Scam!
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H Mayo:

they said they were so and so from E-bay doing a survey. Hung up. suspect scam
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many call from this number,never leaves a message!
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I don't want this number calling me ever again.
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This is a direct number for a licenseed specialist at Quicken loans! Only calls based off requests! Had a call kept ignoring it and then i picked up to see what the fuss was abaout and it was Quicken Loans calling because they started servicing my mortgage from my old provider and if i didnt answer i would have been sending my payments to the wrong place!
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This number keeps calling me and then when i call back it asked me to put my phone number in.
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Unwanted asking if I had vaginal mesh implants sounds like a telemarketer to a lawyer did not talk to them this time they left a voicyilemail
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Jose Elinar:

Gay rights organizer. I told him to call the numbers in San Francisco.
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Worst iSmile Plan:

worst plan, worst company, and every time you go there... it new people cause they catch on to the way these guys operate their people and they leave quicker then a drive through window. Stay clear of them and their calls. iSmile - a Chain of mismanaged offices that over charge - over bill and then call you to say you owe after they talk to you.. charging you for call. They are reaching out to see if they can get a credit card number to make a payment for answering their calls. http://ismilebrighter.com/ If you go in to any of these places, plan on paying triple... then send you to a credit retrieval company where your life because hell in proving your insurance PAID IT!
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this is a scam
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WEED Army Medical Department in Fort Irwin, Ca.
Auto appointment reminder system
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This is a debt collector. They claim that i have criminal charges and that they can keep me from going to jail if I pay a debt. I have no debt that they speak of. I have asked that they stop calling me, but they wont. I have turned the info over to my states, Attorney General.
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407-353-9667 belongs to The HC Group. The Health Care Group.
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I keep getting calls from this number too. Never leaves a message. I am not sure who this is. I also work in insurance....perhaps it is insurance related?
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Carpet floor cleaning company in Las Vegas Scam. Some homeowners burglarized shortly after cleaning. Beware and report.
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I got text from this number and they thought I was someone who apparently was leading them on before and I had to get rude to get them to stop they just kept on being very inappropriate.
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Mark Hines from 415-233-6195 called to inform I'd won Las Vegas Sweepstake; that I should call Multi-Line Ins Co at 866-337-3115 to buy a policy to receive the winnings. I knew it was a scam but still called Ins Co (just to see what lies they'd tell) and they hung up when I asked what city they are in.
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Mark Harrigan:

Brandon Bushman calling to get me to invest in stocks.
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Mark Hines from 415-233-6195 called to inform I had won a Las Vegas Sweepstake; and that I should call Multi-Line Ins Company at 866-337-3115 to buy a policy to receive the winnings. I knew it was a scam but called the Ins Co (just to see what lies they'd tell) and they hung up on me when I asked what city they are in.
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This is also Verizon Wireless
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It is Verizon Wireless
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Dave Orland Park, IL:

ROBO CALLER SCAM. Did not leave a message. Return call does not identify caller or reason for call. SCAMMER / FRAUDSTER
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On line marketer......make money on the internet.
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Just discovered the ID of the phone number:
T Barber
796 Central Pk N
Oshawa, ON, L1H
On 16/07/2013 11:08 AM, And by the way, I live in Vancouver BC.
> On 16/07/2013 11:07 AM,
>> I just received a phone call from 905-725-3811, claiming to be from the CRA, and asking for the first 3 digits of my SIN. I told them I never give that information on the phone. They then asked me to call a hotline number (which I did not get) and again I told them I do not give information over the phone, but they could write to me. I hung up.
>> A pleasant female voice, speaking excellent English.
>> Thought you should know about this.
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E-Title Loan is a car title loan company. If you've taken out a title loan on your vehicle and you're behind on your payments, this number is going to call you incessantly.
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Dave Orland Park, IL:

ROBO CALLER, Online Pharmacy; The person barely speaks English, I am sure the drugs are safe. SCAMMER / FRAUDSTER
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Kathy harris:

It is Duke Energy informing their customer of hearing about rate increases, Duke Energy wants to make.
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I got a call from this cleveland number when i dialled it back it turned out to be a non-working number.
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Person claimed to be from student loans. Alarm bells when she asked if I wanted to give her my pin for federal loan program access. Might still be legit. Claimed she worked for the lendor "College Savings Bank" who purportedly bought my loans.

Something didn't seem right.
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Heather smith:

f**k u..
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Madoff scam
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Kloie Karels:

They are trying to sell career programs.